Sindh requests NCOC to make vaccination certificate mandatory for banking services.


Sindh suggests that bankers and post office staff be instructed to provide services only to vaccinated citizens. Photo – Nadra.

KARACHI: The Sindh Health Department on Sunday requested the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) to make vaccination certificates mandatory for the people so that they can continue to enjoy banking and post office services.

A letter from the health department to the NCOC suggested that bankers and post office staff members be instructed to offer services only to vaccinated citizens, while those who show a vaccination certificate Fail to deny them access to services.

Separately, the Department of Health wrote a letter to the Department of Home Affairs requesting that vaccination certificates be made an integral part of the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for CUVID 19 for restaurants and hotels across the province.

Under this obligation, citizens who do not have a vaccination certificate should not offer witch service in restaurants or hotel stays.

No vaccinations, no services.

The NCOC has made vaccination certificates mandatory for various services across the country.


In Lahore, people without immunizations were to be denied petrol from September 1, and motorists were asked by motorway police to carry their vaccination certificates.

Public transport, domestic air travel.

Non-vaccinated people will not be allowed to use public transport from October 15, and vaccinations will be mandatory for domestic air travel after September 30.

Shopping malls

In addition, from August 31 and September 30, non-vaccinated people will not be allowed to enter shopping malls, only those who have taken both shots of the vaccine in shopping malls.

Hotels and restaurants.

For hotels and restaurants, from August 31, people with one vaccine shot will be allowed, while from September 30, both shots will be mandatory for access to hotels and restaurants.

Wedding celebrations.

The NCOC also announced that those who have not received both doses of the vaccine will not be allowed to attend wedding ceremonies after September 30, whether indoors or outdoors.

The NCOC has introduced a mobile app for vaccination certificates.

According to Dr. Faisal Sultan, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Health, the NCOC, in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), has developed a mobile application for issuing vaccine certificates to the public.

Dr. Sultan said that all the people have to submit the required details and their certificates will be issued.

Pakistanis who have been vaccinated abroad will also be able to obtain vaccination certificates from the NADRA website from August 26.

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