Mancini says that mobile can add Italy to the glory of the World Cup.



Italy manager Roberto Mancini jumped to the defense of under-fire striker Cerro Amboil on Tuesday, saying the 31-year-old needed to make a living in next year’s World Cup.

It has been less than two months since Azuri became European champion, but the World Cup qualifying draw against Bulgaria and Switzerland, with one goal each, has soured the mood.

Immobile has failed to find a trap in its last six Italian appearances, prompting calls to renew the attack in Wednesday’s clash with Lithuania in Reggio Emilia.

“We won the Euro with 26 players and Cerro always started. He scored in two games, the second time he came close, or the ball would not go in,” Mancini told a news conference.

“Of course, I have to ask him to make some moves, but I don’t see a big problem. He has always scored, maybe he will score eight in the World Cup and we will win it.

Sunday’s draw in Basel gave Italy the longest unbeaten international run in 36 games, but the standoff means World Cup qualification as a Group C winner is far from guaranteed.

Italy is at the top with 11 points, but Switzerland is four points behind with two points, which requires a victory over Lithuania.

“I’m not too worried. Psychologically, the players have to be good, they have won the Euro and they have to play calmly,” said Mancini.

“Sometimes the ball unfortunately won’t go in, and in Italy we go looking for someone who is responsible for everything.

“But we have to keep ourselves a little bit different and do a few things a little bit better. Then the team will keep doing what it does, and so will the mobiles. Goals will come.”

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