Russell joins the F1 of the Young Guns.



George Russell’s announcement to move to Mercedes next year as Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate was announced on Tuesday, meaning a bright young star in the driver lineup of each of Formula One’s top teams. Will be.

Russell is just 23 years old, with the same age as Red Bull championship leader Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, and with similar abilities that could not stop Mercedes in the end.

In Williams’ 50 races, he has qualified his teammate 50 times. It puts the eighth-ranked team at the front row of the grid and on the podium, although Belgium is second in the “race” without a lead.

“The last three seasons with Williams have given us a taste of what the future holds for him,” said Toto Wolf, boss of the Mercedes team, a 13-year-old driver from seven-time world champion Hamilton.

Fellow Briton Lendo Norris is leading the way in his third full season at McLaren with 21, while Alpine’s French driver Esteban O’Connor is 24.

Worstapen, Leclerc and O’Keefe are Grand Prix winners – 17 times in terms of Red Bull driver’s meteor additions – and it certainly won’t take long for Russell to keep up with them.

“It’s definitely very positive,” said Ferrari boss Matthias Benito.

“There are a lot of young drivers who are doing really well … This may be the best time for the young drivers we used to have in the F1.”

Speaking at the Dutch Grand Prix last weekend, McLaren Racing chief executive Zack Brown said the sport was in a “very interesting” place.

“All the big teams will have their own young drivers and I’m very excited about the future of Formula One, I’m excited about the new car, I think the cost limit is working,” he added.

“With big teams led by these superstar drivers, I think the next decade of Formula One will be hugely exciting.”

Formula One has more than three world champions in Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, but the future is here and hungry.

“As a young driver, it’s important to put yourself in the starting line-up,” said Damon Hill, Britain’s 1996 world champion, on Sky Sports Television.

The long-awaited rise comes after Russell and Norris competed in Formula Two in 2018 after Leclerc won the title in 2017, while Verstapen and Okun competed against each other in European Formula Three.

After the announcement, Russell’s Hamilton said, “I remember meeting him one day when he was young and dreaming of becoming a Formula One driver.”

“He’s a great example to all the kids out there that when you pursue them wholeheartedly, dreams come true. Through hard work, he’s got the right place in our team.”

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