Thigh injury brings Alcaraz’s dream to an early end at the US Open.


New York:

Carlos Alcaraz, the youngest American Open quarter-finalist in 58 years, had to retire from his match at the US Open on Tuesday due to a right ankle injury.

Canada’s Felix Auger Eliassim took a 6-3, 3-1 lead when 18-year-old Alcaraz retired from the match and sent his 21-year-old opponent to his first Salem semifinal with Russian second seed Daniel Medvedev.

“It’s really hard to end such a great tournament,” Alcraz said. “I still had no choice but to play. I have to take care of my body and stay healthy. I still don’t like playing.”

World No. 55 Alcaraz, who defeated third-ranked Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece, is the youngest US Open men’s semi-finalist since 1960 and the youngest in any slam since Michael Chang, 17, won the Frenchman in 1989. Could be Open up

He was also the first person since Eric Sturges to reach the semifinals of the US Open in 1948.

The right thigh problem came after five back-to-back five-set matches.

“I felt it before the match,” he said. “I start a pain control match. At the beginning of the second set it started (increasing), pain.”

Alkraz was the youngest US Open quarterfinalist since 1963 and scored his deepest slam runs.

“These matches gave me a lot of experience. This tournament meant a lot to me,” Alcaraz said. “I played very well. I am very happy to play in the quarterfinals. This tournament is a great spring for me in other tournaments.”

Auger-Eliasim and Alcraz were underage for any US Open quarter-final or later match as Australian Pat Cash (19) met Sweden’s Matt Welander (20) in the 1984 quarter-final.

“It’s unfortunate,” said 12th seed Auger-Eliasim. “What he did here was not done in the open. He should be proud of himself.”

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