Nice and Marseille will play the infamous August 22 match again.



The French Professional League decided on Wednesday that Nice and Marseille should play their infamous game again on August 22, which was devastated on neutral ground and behind closed doors.

Nice also got two Lego 1 points, though one is suspended.

The hosts gave the Mediterranean derby a 1-0 lead over the Allens Riviera with 15 minutes left when Marseille’s Dimitri Piet fell after hitting a bottle to take a corner.

Piet threw a bottle back into the crowd as teammates came back to rehearse with good fans behind the goal.

Some supporters streamed on the pitch and there was an uproar involving players, staff, fans and officials. Marcel coach Jorge Sampoli had to be stopped by his own staff members.

The match was stopped for more than an hour after Marseille refused to return to the pitch and was finally released just before midnight local time.

In funny scenes, Nice players came back and the referee placed the ball with the corner flag where the game stopped before blowing his whistle.

In its decision, the LFP imposed a one-match suspension on the stomach and a two-match ban on Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez for hitting balls in the stands.

Marcel assistant coach Pablo Fernandez has been suspended for pushing a good fan for the rest of the season.

Nice was ordered to play three games behind closed doors.

“This decision is in line with the gravity of the situation,” said Sebastien Danks, head of the disciplinary commission.

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