Cove shots have been made mandatory in Los Angeles schools.


All public schools in Los Angeles are instructed to ensure that children 12 years of age and older are fully vaccinated against the corona virus. AFP

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Children 12 years of age and older who attend public schools in Los Angeles must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 by early next year, city education chiefs said Thursday. The first such requirement from a major board of education is states

The Los Angeles Unified School District vote – the nation’s second-largest – comes as the United States struggles with the growing number of corona viruses, which are highly contagious delta species.

It also came as US President Joe Biden enacted stricter nationwide laws designed to stem the tide of new infections, ordering companies with 100 or more personnel to be vaccinated, and All federal employees and contractors also need to get shots. .

A public school run by LAUSD has about 600,000 students, of whom approximately 220,000 are eligible for the vaccine.

The motion’s approval at Thursday’s meeting could set an example for school boards across the country.

Kelly Gonz, president of the LAUSD Board, welcomed the vote: “The vaccine is safe, effective and the best way to keep our students safe from the virus,” he tweeted after the meeting.

“We will work to ensure that families have reliable medical information in the coming weeks.”

The district already orders regular screening of children, and masks are required indoors and outdoors on campus. Staff should be vaccinated.

Under the new rules, all children attending classes in person will be required to take their first dose by November 21. Their second dose should be on time for complete immunity by January 10.

Scientists say that the second job provides maximum immunity two weeks after being administered.

A child who turns 12 during the school year has 30 days to take the first shot.

The plan has the support of teachers’ unions and many parents, but – as elsewhere in the United States – a significant and sincere minority is strongly opposed to vaccines, despite the fact that they are safe and effective.

Local health officials say 58% of people between the ages of 12 and 18 have had at least one pill.

The LAUSD meeting heard from several parents who expressed concerns about the vaccine, and insisted that it was their right to have their child vaccinated.

But he also heard from doctors who reiterated to the scientific establishment that the shots had been rigorously tested and that they were both safe and highly effective.

Some partners drew parallels to previous battles against diseases such as polio, which have been largely eradicated worldwide through vaccination programs.

Schoolchildren in many parts of the United States already need vaccines against other infectious diseases, including diphtheria, hepatitis B and measles.

Vaccines, masks, and other mitigation measures against Covid 19 have become deeply political issues in the United States.

Politicians in Republican-led states and counties have cited personal freedom primarily because of resistance to laws that doctors say will protect their populations.

A free and widely available vaccine program in the United States is credited with preventing the first outbreak of the corona virus, a disease that has killed more than 650,000 people in the country and millions More sick.

But the rise of the Delta has threatened to reverse growth, and in recent months there has been an increase in the number of cases across the country, with the focus on areas where vaccination is scarce.

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