Fernandez uses skepticism to reach the final of the US Open.


New York:

Leila Fernandez may not feel the weight of expectations as she makes it to the US Open final, but the Canadian teenager will put a chip on her shoulder that casts doubt on her.

Tennis was expelled from Quebec’s development program when she was seven years old and teachers told her to forget about becoming a professional and focus on school. Will do The winner’s wallet is worth 2.5 2.5 million

“A lot of people doubted me, my family and my dreams,” Fernandez said after defeating second seed Irina Sabalinka 7-6 (3) 4-6 6-4.

“He kept saying ‘no’, that I wouldn’t become a professional tennis player, that I should stop and just go to school.

“I remember a teacher who was actually very funny – it wasn’t like that then, but now I’m laughing.

“He told me to stop playing tennis, you’ll never do it, and just focus on school.”

Fernandez says she takes this reaction with her in every match and uses it as her motivator, as well as the road to help her family achieve her dreams. But they face other challenges.

His father, George, an Ecuador-born footballer who knew little about tennis, stepped in and became his coach, giving him an unshakable self-confidence.

At the start of the US Open, ranked 73rd in the world, most people would have seen the bid to reach the Grand Slam final as ‘Mission Impossible’, but not Fernandez.

Celebrating his 19th birthday on Monday, Fernandez said, “My father always told me, there is no limit to what I can do.” “Every day we just have to work hard, we have to keep going.

“Nothing is impossible. There is no limit to what I can do.”

Canada’s fearless attacking game is a testament to hard times and determination.

Fernandez has also gained strength and determination from his mother and sister, who are encouraging him from the side seats of the court while his father has given advice and encouragement from home.

“My mother had to move to California for a few years to support her family and me in the world of tennis,” Fernandez said.

“These few years were definitely difficult for me because I needed a mother, I needed someone for me between the ages of 10 and 13.

“I will hardly see it then.

“Every time I saw him, it was like seeing a stranger, but at the same time someone was very familiar.

“I was very lucky that my mother was happy for me here in this tournament and had fun with me at that time.

“But we as a family have gone through a lot of things.”

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