Juventus are facing a tough test in the old enemy Napoli.



The Juventus travel to one of their biggest rivals on Saturday as they return from an international break hoping to return from a troubling two-week opening season that has led to their Serie A. There are serious question marks hanging on the title credentials.

Napoli are waiting for Massimiliano Allegri’s side, who have so far won just one point from their two league matches and suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of advanced Ampoli at the end of last month, a day after Cristiano Ronaldo England fled.

His opponents, meanwhile, have six perfect points and will welcome Victor Osman as he halves the appeal of a 2-0 win over Venezia on his first day after the two-match suspension of the talented forward at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. Gone

Joe is in a race against time to get his South American players – including key first-timers Palo Debala and Juan Codrado – back in time from their respective World Cup qualifiers.

Allegri will be pleased to see the form shown by Moyes Cian in Italy’s 5-0 win over Lithuania on Wednesday night. Ready for

Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United along with 21-year-old Kian Alvaro Morata will be responsible for filling in the gaps left in the attack and his return to Turin has given him the opportunity to play an important role not only in gambling but also for the national team.

Italy coach Roberto Mancini has come under increasing pressure to give up an incredible presence in international football, leaving Cerro Immobile and looking comfortable in Cian Azure jersey after losing Euro 2020.

“I’m back in Italy with new goals and a new head on my shoulders,” said Kane, who was impressed with a loan from Everton at Paris Saint-Germain last season.

“Being there helped me a lot, because I was close to some very good players, I was lucky to be able to take notes and learn all the time.”

Allegri will also be able to rely on Manuel Lucatelli, who will make his debut for the club as a boy after shining in Italy’s midfield in a draw without his disappointing goal in Switzerland last weekend. What was supported?

That should help Joe against Napoli, who are shortstop in midfield after injuries to Piotr Zelensky, Diego Deme and Stanislav Loboka.

Italian media reports that deadline signer Andre Frank Zambo Anguissa could make his first start for Luciano Spalti despite arriving on Wednesday for his first training session.

The second major match of the weekend saw AC Milan and Lazio set their best record on the line on Sunday evening, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic signing Olivier Giroud last week after signing a potential starter at San Siro. What

Under Maurizio Siri, Lazio has made a shaky start and the Imobiles will be looking to allay doubts by adding four of their league goals earlier this season.

Osman lost much of last season to injury and the corona virus when Napoli paid a record club fee to sign Lilly, and big things are expected from the Nigerian striker under Spalty after a promising pre-season. ۔

The 22-year-old has played just 21 minutes of his current campaign against Venezia due to his red card, which means he has traditionally missed the Napoli season after playing for his country against Cape Verde on Tuesday. The biggest game. .

1 – Joe has scored just one point in two matches against Adeni and Empoli.

9 – Lazio’s brilliant goal after just two matches under new coach Siri

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