Neymar says he deserves more respect than the Brazilian fans.



Brazil striker Neymar complained on Thursday that he was not being given the respect he deserved when Brazil beat Peru 2-2 to win their eighth consecutive World Cup qualifier.

Neymar had a purpose and help but was criticized by fans and commentators for getting involved in fights and not reproducing his worst form which made him one of the best players of his generation. Are

“I don’t know what else I need to do with this shirt so that the fans will respect Neymar,” he said after the win at the Recife.

He was also criticized after Brazil’s 1-0 win over Chile last week, with some fans saying he looked overweight. Neymar lifted his shirt to show his stomach and expressed his irritation towards the pitch in the interview.

“It’s not normal,” he said. “It’s been a long time coming, from you to reporters, commentators and others. Sometimes I don’t even want to be interviewed but I do my job at important moments.”

Neymar has enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the media and fans since he emerged as a teenager with Santos more than a decade ago.

Many people like his undeniable abilities but some say they give up what they see as an overly appealing lifestyle.

Neymar’s 69th goal for the national team on Thursday was Brazil’s record in the World Cup qualifiers.

Brazil tops South America’s qualifying group for next year’s World Cup in Qatar and is practically guaranteed a place in the final.

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