Messi is ready to lead the PSG Champions League.



Lionel Messi returns to Paris to win the Champions League and is set to make his debut for his new club on Wednesday when he begins his European campaign in Burgess.

Five weeks have passed since Messi was introduced as a Paris Saint-Germain player and it has been announced that he is in the “ideal place” to win the biggest prize in club football for the fifth time.

For more than a month, he has been seen in the PSG jersey for just 24 minutes as a substitute in a League 1 game at the Rams.

The 34-year-old was expected to make his full debut for the Qatar-owned club last weekend, but was finally rested against Clermont after returning from international duty with Argentina.

However, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino is expected to eventually bring down the six-time Ballon d’Or winner from the start at Group Bradley Stadium against Group Bradley champions Club Berg.

If Neymar and Killian Mbabane start, it will be the first time the superstar striker will be on the field with the three Parisians.

Expectations are high, both for Messi at his new club and for PSG in the Champions League, a trophy he has yet to win but longs for more than anything.

PSG will play Abu Dhabi-backed Manchester City – the team that knocked them out in the semi-finals last season – as well as RB Leap Zig in a group that could be tough, but it’s a There is a team that is in trouble. way to

When I get there, it makes me think of Liverpool. Liverpool were building a team to win the Premier League. “Another of the PSG’s summer signatures,” Giorgione Vijnaldum told the sports daily L’Equipe.

They should be at least as strong as their first opponents, even if the former European Cup finalists have been Belgium champions in three of the last four seasons.

The last time PSG was in the group stage was two years ago. There was no Messi, no Neymar at the time, but Mbabane scored a hat-trick in a 5-0 win.

This summer, Vijnaldum and Messi were included in the Parc des Princes by Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma, full-back Echraf Hakimi and former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, as well as Portuguese prospect Nono Mendes.

Ramos has yet to play at all, while Messi is slowly preparing himself, but PSG have so far won five of five games in League 1, scoring 16 goals.

His recruitment campaign, with his decision to knock Mbappe from Real Madrid for 200 million euros, even in the final year of his contract with the French star, forced some of his European rivals to surrender.

“State-owned clubs are as dangerous to the football ecosystem as the Super League was,” said La Liga president Javier Tebas. “Endurance,” he said.

The PSG has always claimed that it did not violate the UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules and issued a stern rebuke to Tabas, calling his remarks “insulting and defamatory”. Is.

When it comes to Messi, the loss of La Liga is the advantage of PSG. It is clear that even if Messi has played hard for his new team.

Pochettino told when asked about his compatriots’ impressions: “There are many more who have broad words to describe Liu’s reality.

Pochettino, who is without the suspended Angel Di Maria for the start of the European campaign, was still wary of playing out PSG’s Champions League prospects.

“It’s really an unexpected contest … you need to be lucky,” he told

Then you can’t be more fortunate to have Messi, Neymar and Mbabane in your team.

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