After the Grenada-sponsored Barca, Koeman defended the point directly.



Ronald Koeman defended his direct strategy after being accused of betraying Barcelona’s attacking tradition in a 1-1 draw at Granada’s home on Monday.

Cuiman Gerard Pack was brought off the bench at Camp Nine to play with Luke de Jong, and another key defender, Ronald Arajo, was also thrown into the attack as Barca sent 54 crosses in search of an equalizer.

Arroyo eventually returned home with an injury when Domingos Dwart gave Granada an early lead, but a whistle from Barcelona fans indicated that one point was not enough.

“We changed our style a little bit,” Coeman said. We went with Peck, De Jong and Araju, and one of them crossed the lot. “

Koeman’s position was already fragile after Bayern Munich’s 3-0 defeat at home in the Champions League last week, a game in which his team failed to collect a single shot on goal.

Following the latest disappointment against Granada, it was felt that supporters were more angry with the outcome of Barcelona’s style.

“What do you do if you see a list of players? Play Tiki Tiki? Tiki Tiki when there is no space?” Common said.

“We did what we had to do. We tried to win the other way. We don’t have the players or the speed. We’re talking. I won’t say anything more because it looks like I Everything has to be discussed. “

Koeman insisted on Sunday that he was “calm” and not afraid of his future as Barcelona coach but that the already strained relationship with club president Juan Laporta would be pushed to the brink of deterioration if results and performance did not improve. Happened

There were 85 seconds on the clock when Domingos Duarte led Grenada.

Sergio Escodero was the fastest on his cleared corner and he beat Sergio Biscuits twice, once on the ball and then again on the line where he fed Duarte, who nipped in the back post in front of Frankie de Jong. What

Barca tried to control something but they never really extended Grenada, which George Molina doubled his lead by scoring on a cross from Darwin Matches.

Sergei Roberto fired a shot against the crossbar late in the first half to add to the pressure, which saw Arajo come closer with two headers.

Lok de Jong came for Sergei Roberto at half-time, which shows a more direct view, but Grenada was not restless. Oscar Mengueza’s delivery was hit by DPD Jong’s ball before climbing over the crossbar.

As Barcelona became more frustrated, they became more anticipated, as more and more crosses were stuck in the box in the hope that someone could take advantage of it. De Jong should have scored with 11 minutes left but went beyond five yards.

Arajo was booked after a clash with Grenada defenders and then, with the pumping of adrenaline, he grabbed an equalizer for Barca, kept the ball alive in the box and then moved on to Gavi’s chipped ball. Proceed to meet.

Barca chased for a second, Arojo jumped to the right and tried to find the puck in the middle. Grenada took a worthy point.

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