McRoy to avoid crowd interaction in the Ryder Cup.



Rory McIlroy is known for his dynamic celebrations during the Ryder Cup competition, but the Northern Irishman said on Tuesday that he plans to dial in this week to save energy when Europe faces the United States.

The last time the Ryder Cup was played on American soil, McAlroy did not help patriotic Americans and spent time interacting with the galleries, which was a hostile environment for Team Europe.

McAlway enjoyed his role as a villain in Hazleton in 2016 and was probably as active as he was on the course, whether when he pointed his finger at the spectators or the eagle to secure the match. Then they bowed before the crowd.

“I will definitely try not to get dizzy and try to save some energy,” World No. 15 McIlroy told reporters in the Whistler Strait where the game starts on Friday.

“It’s been a long week. Even if I play all five again, we’ll see, but it’s too much golf. It’s just playing too much energy, then trying to beat the one you’re beating. Crowd, that too seems like an impossible task. “

McAlroy, 32, admitted he learned a valuable lesson about energy conservation after the 2016 Ryder Cup and admitted that he “hit the wall” on the last nine of his loss to Patrick Reid in the singles last day. ۔

Four-time major champion McAlroy will compete in his sixth Ryder Cup and with an overall record of 11-9-4, the team has become one of the most successful Ryder Cup players in Europe.

Emotions during the three-day competition could be a difficult challenge this year as travel bans due to COVID-19 epidemics will create a crowd in favor of the United States as the team tries to get under the skin of Europe.

“When you’re playing as part of a team, there’s something else going on, and what you do not only affects yourself, but the other 11 players, the captains, the vice-captains, Affects all support team. “

“There are a lot of emotions, but you still have to try to control them.”

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