Spurs should be responsible for Kane’s struggle: Nono.



Tottenham manager Nono Esprito Santo believes Hurricane’s poor start to the season is due to a lack of co-ordination in his team.

Kane has yet to score in the Premier League during this period, amid claims that the striker is struggling with a hangover from a failed transfer attempt to Manchester City.

Disappointed by Tottenham’s refusal to sell the Premier League champions, Kane claimed he had a “gentleman’s contract” with the club that he could leave.

The England captain returned late in pre-season training and missed a weekend win over City before conceding defeat in his bid to join Pep Guardiola’s men.

Kane has seen the shadow of the player who last won the Premier League Golden Boot.

He has yet to score in four Premier League games and went through his first 90 minutes without losing a shot at Crystal Palace on September 11.

The 28-year-old’s only club goal so far this season has been against Picos Ferreira in the Europa Conference League.

But Nono, speaking ahead of Wednesday’s League Cup tie in Wales, admitted that Kane had not been helped by a significant reduction in the risk of an attack by Tottenham.

“The realization that we are not capable of creating enough conditions is the problem we have,” Nono said.

“All the individual situations that happen to players – touching, action – are team production.

“At the same time, we have to analyze and look at the issues in our defense.

“It’s the same approach when it comes to analyzing the situation. It’s about the team. Our primary focus should always be on the team.”

After winning their first three league matches, Tottenham suffered two consecutive defeats, including a lame loss to Chelsea on Sunday.

Nono believes hard work is the key to getting back on track.

“We are on it. We are working hard. We know we have problems that need to be improved,” he said.

“The energy is exactly the same. Of course when things go well, you’ll smile, you’ll be happy. It’s life. But my energy? It’s always the same.”

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