Russia is a real chance for Hamilton to win 100th.



Lewis Hamilton has every opportunity to celebrate a record 100th Formula One expansion on Sunday, but the seven-time world champion still can’t take anything in Russia’s Sochi circuit.

Hamilton’s Mercedes team won its first race in the Olympic Park Circuit in 2014, with the British winner in four of the seven and current teammate Voltaire Bottas winning two, including last year.

Past performances have not been the biggest indicator this season, however, with the Red Bull and championship leader Max Werstapen, 24 next week, pushing harder than ever in the fast-paced title fight.

Versatapen’s job is tough this time around as grid fines have been imposed in three places as he and Hamilton collided and retired from the Italian Grand Prix, which was the responsibility of a Dutch youth.

Hamilton has not won since the British Grand Prix at his home in Silverstone in July, but Sochi could give him his 100th victory in the fifth attempt.

No other team, not even Ferrari, has won a single race for seven consecutive years, let alone eight, but Mercedes is still a favorite.

“Lewis … the laser is focused on what is needed in the next eight races,” team boss Tutu Wolf said before the final round of the Black Sea Resort in 2023 before the Russian Round goes to St. Petersburg.

As far as Walter is concerned, he is driving better than ever … There is a calm commitment to the team right now and the business end of a season, fighting for the championship, is exactly what we enjoy the most. There are.

Although the Red Bull has never been on a pole in Sochi, the only position occupied by Mercedes and Ferrari drivers, Verstapen has so far started from the top slate in eight of the 14 races, including seven of the last eight.

However, none of his seven wins in 2021 have come less than a third on the grid.

The Dutch driver, five points clear of Hamilton in the standings and 18 points behind the Red Bull Mercedes, was second in Sochi last year.

“We’ve been more competitive this year and we have a better package right now, so it’ll be interesting to see how competitive we can be there this year,” said Versatpin.

“It will definitely be very different from Monza and it looks like there may be some rain this weekend … I’m definitely looking forward to going back there and seeing what we can do.

“Punishment is certainly not ideal, but nothing is lost, that’s how I see it.”

McLaren’s Daniel Ricardo led teammate Lando Norris to a one-two win at Monza, but Sochi was McLaren’s only non-scoring race for the 2020 campaign.

He will also hope that past performances are not a guide to the current form, with both drivers winning the team’s first win since 2012 and the first one-two since 2010.

Ferrari, who will be battling McLaren for third place, will also have solid points with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sanz.

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