Chelsea face a Man City Test as Liverpool, Man Utd bid to keep pace.



Chelsea put hosts Premier League champions Manchester City to a tough test of leaders’ credentials on Saturday as Liverpool and Manchester United tried to keep up with Thomas Tachel’s side.

The Blues look set to end their season as English champions for the first time since 2017 after signing Roma Lukaku to further their attack.

But with Liverpool, the 2020 title winners, and Manchester United competing against them, all three teams are tied at 13 points after five matches.

AFP Sport takes a look at some of the points discussed before the weekend’s action.

Although the weather is still young, the former England captain has predicted on TV pundit Alan Shearer that it will be difficult to stop Chelsea.

Tachel’s side beat Manchester City three times last season – including in the Champions League final.

Since then, he has signed Lukaku from Inter Milan and conceded just one goal in the league, showing stinginess at the back.

“Lukaku is not the only reason he is so strong,” Shearer wrote in his BBC Sport column.

“They won the Champions League in May without it.

It is too early to decide the title at Stamford Bridge, but City boss Pep Guardiola will not want to leave London six points behind a key rival.

Norwich have lost their last 15 Premier League matches under Daniel Farke – the longest defeat by any side in the history of English top flight under a single manager.

This horrific series spans the end of the 2019/20 season, when the Canaries were knocked out of the Championship. They immediately returned.

On his return to England’s top flight, Norwich was given a disgusting job, his first four matches being before Watford’s defeats against Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester and Arsenal last week.

The Canaries are just three points behind the No. 16 wolves but should change shape soon, Farke said, adding that their leak defense is a key issue.

“We have to be tough against him,” he said ahead of Everton’s trip this weekend.

“We need more steel, and we need to be more resilient. We also need a result for confidence.”

The Hurricanes have endured a slow start to their season for Tottenham as their move to Manchester City has failed and they have yet to score in the Premier League.

But Tottenham boss Nono Esprito Santo believes the England striker is still moving fast after Euro 2020.

“He has a lot more to give and it’s about the game, improving and growing together,” Nono said as he prepared for Sunday’s North London derby against Arsenal.

“In terms of squad and preparation, we have players who have 65/70 sessions and we have players who have 15 sessions.”

After three games, Tottenham were top of the Premier League and Arsenal Rock were down.

Since then, the Spurs have suffered consecutive 3-0 defeats against Crystal Palace and Chelsea, while Michel Arteta’s Arsenal have blocked the route with 1-0 wins over Norwich and Burnley.

Artita said confidence levels were rising after winning the League Cup third-round tie against AFC Wimbledon at midweek.

“Now that the boys have won three matches in a row, it’s a credit to how they’ve handled the situation and now they’re really looking forward to playing on Sunday, the biggest season of the season for us at home so far,” he said. It’s day. ” .

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