The results of Atletico and Real Madrid are amazing.



Real Madrid failed to take advantage of Saturday’s shock defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid’s lower club Elvis as they were held to a goalless draw in La Liga by a determined Villarreal.

The falling points of Spain’s notable pair allowed Sevilla to make it to the top spot, with Julian Lopetogi’s side beating Espanyol 2-0 to move above Atletico and into second place.

Atletico had earlier slipped into their first loss of the season, winning their first, losing all of their last five games and failing to score in any of the last four.

This meant that Real Madrid could have gone five points ahead of Villarreal, but in contrast to their superb performance after taking a three-point lead, they beat Mallorca 6-1 in the midweek.

Marco Asensio scored three and Karim Benzema two in the game, but both were silent at the Santiago Bernabeu, where Carlo Ancelotti sought a strong defense, but at the cost of his team’s flow in the attack.

Valerie, meanwhile, remain unbeaten and still have their own problems with the goal, their fifth draw in their first six games, enough for a tenth.

He was the better side in the first half, with his two fast wings on the right in Danjuma and Jeremy Panu on the left.

Denjoma outscored Fed Valverde, but his shot, Thibaut Courtois, created an opportunity for Pako Alexar before Panu was stopped before Francis Koklin’s follow-up was stopped.

Madrid were limited to shots from a distance as Benzema and Valverde tried their luck, while fans appealed for a promising penalty after Nacho Fernandez was blocked.

After half time, Madrid improved, with Benzema and Eder Militia both approaching with headers while Valeriel also looked dangerous. Was an inch away from tapping.

Ancelotti brought in Eden Hazard and Madrid turned the screw in the last 10 minutes when Hazard crossed for him but his header was hacked. Vanessa cut through and tried to open it, but it caught fire.

Atletico Madrid’s attacking problems are looking more serious as their rocky start to the season continues with a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Elvis.

Victor LaGuardia’s header in the fourth minute was enough for an unexpected victory for Elivis, who was 20th on the kickoff.

Diego Simeone’s side have won just two of their last six games in all competitions and this was the third time in four matches that they have failed to score.

“Obviously we lacked ideas,” Simon said. “I don’t think it’s a system issue. It’s about aggression, defense and other situations.”

Atletico will face Barcelona next weekend after AC Milan’s trip to the Champions League on Tuesday, a game that was made more important after a goalless draw at Porto’s home, including a group including Liverpool. The pressure increased.

Simeone then started with Antoine Griezmann with Luis Suarez, but the pair fired just one shot between them, from Suarez, Angel Correa left Griezmann behind when Argentina were brought in in the second half.

Pressure is mounting on Griezmann’s place in the starting lineup. Joao Felix, who was watching from the stand while serving the suspension, will return and Korea appears to be the most in-form partner for Suarez.

Alaves remained goalless in about 400 minutes but scored in the fourth as Laguardia took a run on a corner from the right over Stephen Savick and moved to the back post.

An unequal match survived in the second half when Lugordia was called into defensive action, with Rodrigo de Paul’s free kick off the line after the ball had bypassed everyone in the box.

Alviz should have made the victory safer, but both Mamdo Loom and Pina had great chances at the bar.

Korea came to Atletico when Simeone tried to shine for his team and the striker tried to get close with a close post drive but was refused, leaving the Elves to see a remarkable win.

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