French President Macron throws eggs at a restaurant during a visit.


The video, taken from footage, shows French President Emmanuel Macron laying eggs on his shoulder – AFP

Lyon, France: President Emmanuel Macron was thrown an egg by a man during a visit to a restaurant and hotel trade fair in the southeastern city of Lyon on Monday.

The egg hit his shoulder but bounced without breaking.

The assailant was quickly repulsed and removed from the room, Macron said, adding that he would try to speak to her later.

“If he has anything to say to me, let him come,” Macron said at the International Catering, Hotel and Food Trade Fair. “I’ll go see him later.”

It was a shocking experience for the centrist president to receive a warm welcome from a fair audience, at least after the announcement that restaurant card payments would no longer be taxed.

The eggs of angry protesters are a common professional threat to French politicians, and Macron is no exception.

When he was just running for president in 2017, an egg exploded on his head during a crowded visit to the Paris National Agriculture Fair.

Most recently, a man slapped him in the face as he shook hands with well-wishers in the southern city of Valencia in June.

The 28-year-old, who told a court he sympathized with the anti-government “yellow vest” protests of 2018 and 2019, was sentenced to four months in prison.

Macron’s security details are expected to remain on high alert in the coming months as the centrist leader extends his public appearance ahead of the much-anticipated re-election campaign.

He has not yet formally announced his candidacy for another five-year term in voting for next April.

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