Ken gets stuck in a ‘broken’ spruce spiral.



Hurricane knew he could afford to miss another season of his prime years at Tottenham, but Spurs’ denial of interest to Manchester City did not leave the England captain fast.

To score in the Premier League so far this season, Kane cut the disappointing figure as the Spurs were blown away in the first half of Sunday’s North London derby to lose 3-1 to Arsenal and leave the table. Fall to the bottom

After keeping Kane against his will and winning the first three league games of Nono Esprito Santo, any glimmer of hope around the club has quickly faded.

Three consecutive defeats from a combined score of 9-1 have been examining the reality of where the Spurs stand and why Kane wanted to go on to add trophies to individual definitions and goal scoring records.

“We lost full control in the first half,” said Hugo Loris, the captain of the Spurs. We broke up.

“You can’t hide problems when you concede three goals in each of the last three league games.”

If Kane had gone his own way, he could have led the line for City this weekend as he showed by beating Chelsea that he was on the sidelines of the title race.

City travels next week to face Paris Saint-Germain in this week’s Champions League tie. Tottenham, by contrast, host the Slovenian side NS Mora in the Europa Conference League.

This was not the level at which Kane envisioned playing when he signed a six-year deal in June 2018, just months before Tottenham moved to the new 2 1.2 billion (6 1.6 billion) stadium. And reached the Champions League final for the first time.

Spurs’ world-class arena was on display around the world on Saturday as Alexander Youssef stunned Anthony Joshua over his claim to three heavyweight boxing belts.

But they don’t have a team or a manager to meet their surroundings.

Nono was eventually hired, almost three months after the sacking of Jose Mourinho, when initial attempts to bring Mauricio Pochettino back and Antonio Conte failed.

The Portuguese did not hide their responsibility for the recent defeat of the Spurs.

Nono said the performance was not good. The game plan was not good. Decisions were not good.

“I take responsibility because the decisions were not right according to the game plan. I will not name the individuals but the game plan was not right according to the players who were on the pitch.”

However, there are already doubts about whether the former wolf’s manager is the man who took the space to the top four, as Pochettino did four years between 2016 and 2019 to qualify for the Champions League. ۔

Any chance of overhauling City, Chelsea, Manchester United or one of Liverpool’s top four will depend on Kane finding his best form.

But he appears to be frustrated by the summer of mental and physical transfer speculation and England’s final defeat of Euro 2020 to Italy.

With supporters returning to the stadiums and the aftermath of the failed European Super League project, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy feared he would face a fan revolt if he sold out last season’s top scorer in the Premier League. will have.

But even with Kane, Tottenham have fallen behind in the last two years.

The 28-year-old missed the opportunity to sell and rebuild the squad.

As evidenced by the first two months of the season, this is a missed opportunity for both the player and the club.

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