Rebekah is waiting for Atletico to emerge from the shadow of Zlatan.



Zlatan Ibrahimovic could make headlines in AC Milan, but Anti-Rebekah has quietly played a key role in the Russo attack, despite stiff competition from both experienced stars and incoming talent.

Milan fans are preparing for their first home Champions League match in seven years, with Spanish champions Atletico Madrid visiting San Cerro on Tuesday night.

With growing forwards, Olivier Giroud and Ibrahimovic have been plagued by injuries, and since the start of the season, the Corona virus Croatia striker Rebekah has stepped up to the plate, deviating from his favorite position and giving Milan a point around which They have small attacking abilities. بز

A scorer so far this season at Liverpool, where he gave Milan the lead at halftime, and with a 1-1 draw at Juventus, the 28-year-old kept Ibrahimovic’s only goal of the season at 2-0 this month. Changing Lazio at the beginning of

He scored two goals in 11 appearances last season, in the second half of the league campaign when Milan finished second behind champions Inter Milan, their highest league position since 2012, when Ibrahimovic scored seven times. The champions were in their first spell in Europe

This season, Ibrahimovic has highlighted in just 24 minutes what he played against Lazio in San Cerio, and Giroud was first beaten by Covid 19 and then a back problem. Rebekah happily scored two major international goals. The scorers were taken.

Ibrahimovic admitted to “I am not Superman” in an interview with Sportweek magazine on Saturday, and Sweden turned 40 next weekend and at the end of the season his contract Rebekah knows he has a coach. There is a lot of space in Stefano Pauli’s plans. Weather.

“I give him credit every day and after every match,” Pioli said after the draw in Joe.

The less important performances in Milan’s recent victories over Venezia and Spezia, which temporarily earned them a place in Serie A, should not detract from the fact that Rebekah has become a great game performer on which Rossoneri can rely. ۔

He has scored in his last three matches against Juventus and has been most impressed when it matters – as well as his good header at the Allianz Stadium which ensured Milan an unbeaten run in Italy.

Pavoli beat Rebekah at half-time against Spezia on Saturday, after he said he was tired after appearing in every Milan match so far this season, with Giroud not fully fit. And was struggling to make an impact on his return.

Milan will take to the field on Tuesday with memories of Liverpool’s aggression fresh in their minds and ready to attack an Atletico team with dynamic attacking skills that have been defeated by Natch Alives.

Braham Diaz, Rafael Liu and Alexis Salemickers, all 22, are becoming match winners, but Reebok is one of them without whom Pauli could rarely do.

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