Koeman asks for extra time as Barca prepares for Benfica.



Ronald Koeman’s future as Barcelona coach could be decided in advance, but the outcome of the next two games, starting with Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday, could buy him some extra time.

Three matches without a win and a press conference in which Queman canceled the questions and demanded support, which feels like the last week of a term is over.

The draw at Cadiz ended in a draw with Gerard Pique, and when Puck called for calm after the game, the club captain refrained from backing his coach.

“The club has been on a peak for many years and we are not used to it,” Peck said. “We all need to try to stabilize. We can complain or move in the right direction. Let’s not look for friction because it doesn’t help.”

After a draw with Grenada, Cuomo was seen both rejecting the Barcelona occupation mantra and slandering his players in one breath. “What should you do if you see our contingent? Play Tiki Tiki?” “As far as Tiki Tika is concerned, the name is derived from the style played under Pep Guardiola,” Coeman said.

But Sunday’s 3-0 win over Leonte has at least briefly lifted the pre-week mood, which will likely be taken as a litmus test to determine whether the Commonwealth International break. Returns from or not.

After facing Benfica, with pressure in Group E after the opening defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, Barcelona will play at Atletico Madrid on Saturday, the reigning champions of La Liga, who are enduring a rock themselves.

Losing in any game, even at this early stage, would be a detrimental blow to Barca’s hopes in any competition and would probably reassure the board that change is needed now.

Even so, a better set of results could give Cuiman a place to breathe, even if it’s clear that Dutch club president Juan Laporta is not a long-term choice.

A period of stability would be appropriate for Liporta, provided it not only takes time to identify a successor but also to persuade them to join a club that is still in debt of more than a billion euros and less. Also broke to sign important for another year.

And although a two-week international break seems like a good time to make a difference, a new coach will be immersed in three games against Valencia, Dynamo Kiev and Real Madrid, which means a potentially tumultuous start.

The best scenario for both the Commonwealth and the Board would be for the team to recover, as in the previous season when an uncertainty in the first few weeks gradually gave way to the gathering.

There were definitely reasons to be optimistic against Leonte, which was ideal for the start of a test week, ideal for such an encouraging victory.

The biggest reason for the excitement was the return of Anshu Fatti, the heir to Lionel Messi’s 10th shirt, who came out after 10 months of injury and raised the ceiling and then scored in the 91st minute. Sent ballistic.

Ansou’s return could lead to change, not only because of the 18-year-old who brought the Barcelona attack, but also because of his representation, which is more than ever: La Masia graduate and belonging to the European elite. One of the club’s last remaining claims.

Even before Ansu’s introduction, the crowd was praising the performances of 19-year-old Nico Gonzalez and 17-year-old Guy in midfield. Lok De Jong and Memphis DePay scored the opening goals to suggest that the summer transfer window was not a completely backward move.

Barca also scored early, allowing players to work more freely and avoiding the irreparable tactics seen in recent weeks when the team was looking for a goal.

Leonte, however, was a generous opponent and could not expect the same from Cuman Benfica, who are unbeaten, having won 10 of their 12 games so far this season, including Byron in the last 16. – Including Kiev. Clean cut

“We are Barcelona, ​​we are going to La Liga and the Champions League and all the competitions,” Fati said on Sunday. “All the teams want to win everything but we are Barca, we have to fight.”

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