For any favorite thing, say Bayern’s Naglesman very soon.



Bayern Munich coach Julian Naglasman has ruled out any mention of his team’s favorites for the Champions League title ahead of Wednesday’s second Group E match against Dynamo on Tuesday.

Former French world and European champion Robert Pierce, in an interview with Germany’s Kicker magazine, described Byron as the “best team” in Europe and the “top favorite” for the Champions League title.

“He was a great player at first and I listen to the opinion of a great player,” Naglasman told an online news conference before his home game against Ukraine.

“But the thing that is always important is that you have to go out and confirm what others say about you. The first match day has just happened and the second match day will start today.”

The Bavarians, who last won the Champions League in 2020, beat Barcelona 3-0 in their opening group match in Spain and are on a winning streak of eight games in all competitions, while the Bundes are at the top of the league race.

“Whoever wants to win it (the Champions League) will have to win the most matches and we will try to do that,” said Naglasman, in charge of his first season at Bayern.

He will have an almost complete squad to choose from, with the exception of injured Corinthians Tolisso and Kingsley Komen, who are recovering from minor heart surgery.

“There are a total of three points available and we want to get six after the first two matches and be the group leader,” Naglsman said.

“In most games, Kyu is the top favorite in the league and has a young, talented team. In the league, he leaves only two players behind (in defense).”

But in their first group match – a goalless draw against Benfica – their hold was lower than their opponents’ at 62%.

“But you still have to make room. Benfica failed to score despite their possession. The main thing is to play around this compact block. I have confidence in my team,” Nagelsman said.

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