Maryam congratulated Shahbaz on becoming an ‘International Honest and Amen’ leader.


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz during a PDM rally – AFP

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz has congratulated her uncle, party president Shahbaz Sharif on becoming an “international honest and amen” leader.

Maryam’s remarks refer to orders issued by a British court to restore the bank accounts of Shahbaz and his family.

After Shahbaz’s press conference, uncle and niece met today.

“Congratulations Uncle. Allah has made you an international saint and Amen,” Maryam told Shahbaz.

Later, the PML-N vice president had an informal conversation with the media.

Talking to media in an informal conversation with Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib on the extension of the tenure of the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Maryam said that the constitution says nothing about the issue.

Maryam said that the party would be in a better position on the issue of expansion of NAB chairman.

Earlier this week, Habib had said that Shahbaz Sharif should voluntarily resign as Leader of the Opposition to meet the constitutional requirement for consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. He said that in the present circumstances it was practically impossible to consult Shahbaz as he was facing alleged corruption, ownership of assets in excess of resources and illegal use of his powers as the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Furthermore, Maryam said senior PML-N leader and former Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair had been receiving “threats for some time”.

He cited an objectionable video that allegedly showed Zubair, saying “the issue is between Zubair and Allah Almighty and only they know the truth.”

Despite all the controversy, “Zubair will be my spokesman,” Maryam added.

He did not elaborate on the nature of the threats against Zubair.

Commenting on a video and audio clip of former accountability judge Arshad Malik released by the PML-N vice-president in 2019, he alleged that Malik was admitting that he had “coerced” Nawaz Sharif. Pleaded guilty to corruption charges – he said he did not have anyone’s private video.

Maryam said that the video made by Judge Arshad Malik and Nasir Butt was a national issue.

Maryam also answered a question whether her son Junaid Safdar is expected to enter politics. “No decision has been made yet,” he said.

‘Shameful act’

A leaked video allegedly showing Zubair was circulating on social media a few days ago.

Reacting to the video, Zubair called it “extremely flawed and shameful” and described the clear clip as “fake and doctrinaire”.

The video was shared on various social media platforms and WhatsApp groups and the person in it was identified as the former governor of Sindh.

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