The sheriff fired for less ‘super’ clubs in Real Madrid.



Sheriff Terraspol said he was not too upset on his first tour of the powerful Real Madrid – and proved it by winning 2-1 in one of the biggest upsets in Champions League history.

For all the European Super League talk for the elite, the Moldovan League’s Manu was a timely reminder of the appeal of open competition.

“We came here to win,” said Sheriff Captain Frank Castinada. We know how good our players are and fortunately Madrid didn’t take their chances for us – and we took advantage. “

For the Sheriff, this was only the second match in the Champions League group stage and the estimated cost of his entire squad is 12 million euros, which is equal to the annual salary of Madrid defender David Alaba.

Real dominate but the Sheriff has scored two great goals and the third has not been allowed offside, and now has six points out of six.

Sebastian Thal, who has a dream tattoo to play in the Champions League, defeated the winner in the 89th minute.

“It’s the best and most important goal of my career,” Thal said.

“The team was very brave with how we played and luckily I was able to score a little bit of surprise.”

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has said he is struggling to take an interest in the Champions League group games and may wish he had missed out.

Perez is one of the staunch advocates of the abandoned European Super League. But on the same day that UEFA agreed to lift sanctions against the 12 clubs involved in the project, the sheriff reminded everyone that it was not just about the big boys.

The Super League’s goal was to end a seemingly unbalanced match-up like theirs – and the occasional setback – to leave the competition to a self-selected elite.

“It’s football, we had 20 shots or more and we scored one goal, they had two shots, they both scored,” Real’s Casimiro told Movistar +.

“We have to focus more, especially on the defense. We got off to a good start, we had full control of the game, we had chances to move on, but they scored a great goal in the end.”

The romance of the sheriff’s success is doubtful because the club is owned by a group called the sheriff, which effectively runs the pro-Russian separatist state of Transnistria, where the football club is based.

Despite this, it is difficult for players like Thal to be deprived of their glorious moments.

“We all went crazy after this match. There are a lot of foreigners in the club, we come from all kinds of countries. That’s our strength,” said Thal, who joined FC Tambov at a club in Russia last season. Was playing on debt. Which was dissolved in May and had to declare itself bankrupt.

For Real Madrid, the road to the last 16 is still open, pointing to the real weakness of the current Champions League: the format, not the teams involved.

The biggest clubs seldom fail to reach the last 16 and the consequences of some shocks can be easily absorbed.

“We have lost three points and the group is wide open. We have to win our next match,” said Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Real have been scoring goals and playing an interesting style of football since Ancelotti’s return, but he has complained about the defense, which was once again blinking.

For the Sheriff, Inter Milan are next in the Champions League, qualifying now highly achievable in Group D, where they sit at the top.

“We’re not thinking about the last 16 yet because we haven’t done anything extraordinary yet, we’re moving forward step by step,” said Sheriff Coach Yuri Vernadeb.

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