Nono vowed not to give in to Spurs pressure.



Tottenham manager Nono Esprito Santo said on Wednesday that he would not be affected by the mounting pressure, which is a bad run by him.

Nono’s side were troubled by a 3-1 defeat to rivals Arsenal in north London on Sunday as they suffered their third consecutive defeat in the Premier League.

Tottenham have scored three goals in each of their last three league matches, and some fans have been reluctant to demand Nono’s dismissal following Arsenal’s defeat.

Nono was far from Tottenham’s first choice to replace Jose Mourinho in the near season and there are already rumors that the former wolf boss will be on loan if the results do not improve rapidly.

However, Nono insists he can handle the scrutiny and get Tottenham back on track, starting with a Europa Conference League match against Mora on Thursday.

“I’m not worried about the decisions. What I’m worried about is how we can play better,” Nono said.

“Decision, and criticism, and opinion, and that’s all part of it. We have to deal with it.

“It doesn’t interfere with the way we work, it can just upset us. I’m very simple, I’m telling you: my focus is on how we can be better, how can we be better?” “

Although Tottenham have won their first three league games of the non-league era, supporters are unhappy with its conservative tactics.

They had fewer shots than any other team in the Premier League, with fewer opportunities created by open play and shorter distances.

Nono knows that the fans are not happy with Tottenham’s difficulties, but he knows that the only way to win them is to win consistently.

“Of course we need their support because the players and the team need the support of the fans,” he said.

“When you don’t play well, and you don’t perform, and the results don’t go together, criticism is something you have to deal with. So we understand that, it’s up to us to react and Change it. “

The Portuguese coach is confident that he is maintaining the support of his squad, while some find his style boring.

“There is no doubt about it because we work together every day, we prepare together and we need to be together for these moments,” he said.

“We don’t panic because we know, or at least I know it’s football. It’s football. You react to bad moments like that, because it’s something you can’t escape. ۔ “

Nono’s work was not helped by problems with the Red List quarantine, which deprived him of players for two games after the last international break.

He was without Argentine duo Giovanni Lu Celso and Cristian Romero and Colombia’s Devinson Sanchez when they traveled for World Cup qualifiers and had to spend 10 days in Croatia to avoid a tough British quarantine.

Lu Celso and Romero have been called up for next week’s latest international clash with Tottenham’s Brazilian defender Emerson Royal.

The government, the Premier League and FIFA are in talks to discuss a possible waiver from the 10-day Hotel Quarantine.

“We don’t want this situation to happen again so we don’t have our players,” Nono said.

“This has never happened before. We are facing this situation through epidemics. All we want is protection.”

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