Omar Sharif was diagnosed with pneumonia in Germany.


Famous Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif Photo: File.

NORMANBURG: Legendary Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif has been diagnosed with pneumonia in Germany, it emerged on Thursday.

On the way to the United States, an air ambulance carrying a sick Omar Sharif arrived in Germany on Wednesday, where he was hospitalized after a seven-hour journey.

Dr. Tariq Shehab, who is taking care of the sick comedian’s medical arrangements, revealed that the actor has been diagnosed with the disease. He pointed out that doctors had advised Nawaz Sharif to provide medical assistance for at least two days before resuming his trip to the United States. Geo News. Is informed.

“Omar Sharif will do the rest of the journey only if the Nuremberg doctors give permission,” said Dr Shehab.

On Tuesday, Omar Sharif left for the United States via Germany by air ambulance for medical treatment. His wife Zarin Ghazal was also with him.

Dr. Shehab had said that Sharif would be kept in Germany for one day before being taken to the United States.

He told reporters that Omar Sharif would one day stay in Germany and resume his trip to the United States on Wednesday morning.

Sharif was taken to a local hospital in Germany with a fever after a seven-hour journey.

Omar Sharif was undergoing a medical check-up and his latest tests were being done at the hospital. Dr Shehab had said that the arrangement was being made by the ambulance company.

Meanwhile, his wife, Zarin Ghazal, has been granted an emergency visa in Germany to visit him in hospital.

Giving details, Zarin Ghazal had said that he had contacted the police in Nuremberg to get an emergency visa. Ghazal said that after legal formalities, authorities issued her an emergency visa, adding that she was now on her way to the hospital to visit her ailing husband. He added that Omar Sharif’s condition was slightly better.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani mission in Germany has assured all possible help during the treatment of the legendary comedian.

Consul General Zahid Hussain visited the hospital on the instructions of Ambassador Dr Muhammad Faisal and met his wife and assured her of all possible assistance.

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