Tachel believes Chelsea lost their mental sharpness before losing to Joe.



Chelsea coach Thomas Tachel said he felt the Champions League holders had already lost their sanity before stepping on the pitch before Juventus’ 1-0 defeat in Turin on Wednesday.

Federico Chisa’s goal early in the second half was enough to defeat Chelsea in the first Champions League group stage since September 2019, with the Blues losing one game after another.

“We had a great training session yesterday,” Tachel told reporters.

“I think it’s very difficult to find a rhythm against a team that defends so deeply. That was the other way around in the Manchester City game.

“The big difference was that we made big mistakes that eroded our confidence. I could tell earlier today that it was different. We weren’t as mentally fresh as we were in training yesterday. I don’t know why. ۔ “

Chelsea enjoyed a 73% win over Turin against the Juventus side, who have struggled in Serie A this season, and registered just one shot on goal for all matches – Romelu Lukaku’s early attempt.

Tochel’s team did not make a single goal against City over the weekend, but the German insisted he was not bothered by their lack of attack threats.

“We lacked runs, we were struggling to find our rhythm and maintain our faith structure,” added Tachel.

“It could be a shooting problem, because if you don’t shoot, you don’t score.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri was more poetic when he described his recovery from the poor start of the season in recent weeks.

Chelsea’s victory was Joe’s third consecutive win in all competitions, as the Serie A team moved up six points in the Champions League Group H.

“Usually sailors always find their way through storms,” ​​Allegri said. “Tonight we played a good match against the European Champions.

“There is no turning back, let’s just take six points and be happy. The (league) championship is another thing.

“Tonight the team realized that against another side that doesn’t allow you to take over, you have to adapt and have a defensive match. I’ve never been angry, the defense was right.”

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