The Dutch ATM bomb gang blew itself up.


Police broke the protest after the Dutch officials stop coming from the Turkish ministers in the early 12 March 2017 in Rotterdam.

The Hague: Dutch and German police have uncovered a criminal gang that blew itself up while making a video tutorial on the bombing of automatic teller machines (ATMs).

The European Union’s police agency, Europol, said one suspect had been killed and another seriously injured in the Dutch city of Atreux when a trial run at an illegal ‘training center’ for an ATM bombing went wrong.

Police eventually made nine arrests during an 18-month operation, linked to at least 15 bombings at ATMs in Germany that cost 2.15 million euros (2.5 2.5 million).

An Europol spokesman said: “The perpetrators were making video tutorials that were given to other offenders in person. AFP.

“The main accused, 29, blew himself up while making a tutorial video. His accomplice, 24, was seriously injured and taken into custody,” he said.

The bomber struck in September 2020.

Europol and its sister court, Eurojust, said in a joint statement that police in Osmanburg, Germany, launched a police search after identifying “suspicious orders” for ATM machines.

Surveillance police took Utrecht across the border to the Netherlands, where the 29- and 24-year-old suspects were allegedly running a training center.

“The pair were ordering different models of ATMs and recording lessons on how to fly them effectively,” EU agencies said.

“Cash machines were opened using home-made explosives, posing a serious threat to residents and passers-by,” he added.

Both men were blown up “during a test run of the blast.”

With the help of Europol, Dutch police arrested three people during raids around Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague on Tuesday, during which seven properties were searched.

The three suspects will be extradited to Germany. Six others were arrested in the Netherlands last year.

Europol said the bombings against ATMs were a “growing concern” in Europe.

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