Boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s drawings for auction


New York:

A rare collection of sketches and paintings by American boxer Muhammad Ali – which he liked to draw between battles – is going up for auction in New York next week.

A collection of 24 pieces, many in cartoon style and some signed, reflect Ali’s interest in religion and social justice, but there are also some that paint a picture of him.

“Reef, it stung you like a butterfly and stung like a bee!” Reads a boxer’s speech bubble in which an opponent raised his arm for victory.

Bonhams auctioneers say the painting, dubbed “Sting Like a Bee,” was created by Ali in 1978 during the shooting of the historic mini-series “Freedom Road,” in which he starred. It is expected to sell for 5 40,000 to 60 60,000 on October 5.

Bonhams said Ali’s interest in drawing was little known, but he liked to sketch as a way to dance after a fight or training.

“A lot of people are excited because no one knew he was an artist and no one knew about this treasure of artwork. So we’re seeing a lot of interest and a lot of excitement,” said the director of popular culture. Helen Hall said. In Bonham

The work for sale comes from a collection by Rodney Hilton Brown, who worked on his art with Ali.

The former world heavyweight champion, who announced his conversion to Islam in 1964 at the height of his career, died in 2016 at the age of 74 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

“Children starving to death,” from 1967, shows a picture in shorts from 1967 that says, “I just wanted to fight to feed your poor black children.”

“One that refers to the racial riots in LA and Newark in ’65 and ’67,” Hall said. “One of the paintings is dedicated to Islam. He had recently converted. And then some of them have a lighter tone and are more about boxing.”

Other works include “America: The Big Prison” from 1967, and “War in America” ​​with pre-sales estimates of 25 25,000 to 35 35,000.

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