Moises says West Ham will help Rice achieve the goals.



West Ham United manager David Moyes said he would encourage Declan Rice to go ahead and find more goals when the holding midfielder scored in Thursday’s Europa League 2-0 win over Rapid Vienna.

“The performance was not as good as some others, but we were able to win. You have to win the game, we did the woodwork twice in the first half,” Moiz told reporters.

“But he scored a good goal from Declan, a good team goal. Declan stepped in because he has the ability to move forward and score and we are trying to persuade him to do so.”

Moyes said he would not give the 22-year-old a goal because he plays such an important role in defending West Ham’s defense.

“No, and we have to be careful because he does so well for England and West Ham in the last four, he also scored a goal for England a few weeks ago.”

“So he’s starting to show him a little bit more. He’s more than capable of doing that. He’s got a great shot at him that we want him to introduce to his game if we put him in the right positions more often. Bring it on. “

Moises also urged West Ham supporters to remain on their toes after reports of a mob at the ground on Thursday.

“We want to be a club in Europe, to be there regularly and because of that we want to behave properly,” Moises said.

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