Queens on the threshold, while Barcelona face Griezmann and Atletico.



Restoration is definitely ahead of Ronald Koeman, even if Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid on Saturday, but Antonio Griezmann will hope that his own recovery will begin soon.

Now the schedule is only for the Commonwealth, with an international break next week ordering that a change of coach for Barca after the Wanda Metropolitano visit is more meaningful than ever.

A 3-0 defeat to Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday left Cumen at the bottom of Group E and struggling to reach the knockout stage.

In La Liga, he is sixth, although his position could easily improve, provided he is just five points behind leader Real Madrid, with one game in hand.

Some, though, seem willing to give Coyman time, which was a bad start to the season, full of disappointing results and worst performances.

Queens ‘public performances have also ignited a firestorm, with recent weeks’ feud with club president Juan Laporta raising the sense that his time at Camp Nou is running out.

The two-match suspension means Coeman will not be on the touchline on Saturday as he may be the last in charge and the best hope for his survival is perhaps that Lipporta fails to field a successor.

Over the summer, Lipporta told Cuomo that it would take two weeks to find a possible replacement but no one was found, or at least he was convinced that Barcelona was now a worthy club to join.

Zavi Hernandez, Roberto Martنیnez and Andrea Perlo topped Lipporta’s shortlist.

Whether Barca’s players are enthusiastic or possibly impressed with the change that is coming, it has been remarkable this week how low the Coimbatore has been.

Gerard Pique, Sergio Biscuits and Frankie de Jong were all given the opportunity to support the Dutchman, but only De Jong came close, answering “no” when asked if dismissing Koeman would change anything.

Regular appeals to Coeman’s observers to be “realistic” are not being heeded quickly, despite efforts to highlight the club’s financial woes, citing a series of summer sales and reasons for lowering expectations. Many injured.

Griezmann was among those who left, his two-year boomerang from Atletico to Barcelona and back to Atletico in Camp Nou is a clear demonstration of reckless, short-term thinking.

Italy has been the biggest beneficiary economically, as they have already won La Liga under the Frenchman.

But Griezmann has struggled to regain his old team, finally scoring a formidable goal in the Champions League on Wednesday with a stunning goal against AC Milan, who won 2-1.

When Griezmann failed to take a goal, an assistant or a shot on goal in his first five matches, Diego Simeone also appeared to be running patiently, with Angel Correa starting with Suarez at San Cerio.

Griezmann came in the 61st minute and scored in the 83rd minute, scoring brilliantly from Renan Lodi’s cross, and hopefully he can now confidently find a role in the reigning champions.

Atletico are just two points ahead of Barcelona as they made their own slip-up against the Allies last week, having lost their last five matches.

Real Madrid are the leading front-runners in the Champions League after a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Sheriff Terraspol on Wednesday, but there are also doubts.

Madrid will play at Espanyol on Sunday, while second-placed Real Sociedad will continue their excellent start with a win at Getafe. Sevilla, third, Grenada voyage, 17th.

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