The opening of the Israeli embassy in Bahrain sparked anti-Israel protests.


Protesters carry Bahraini and Palestinian flags during an anti-Israel rally on Sutra Island, south of the Bahraini capital, on October 1, 2021.

Anti-Israel protests erupted in Bahrain on Friday, a day after Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lipid visited the opening of the Jewish state’s first embassy in the country.

The police fired the tears gas shells during a rally because small scale protests around the small Gulf state.

Protesters waved Palestinian and Bahraini flags, chanting “Israel is dead” and “No Israeli embassy in Islamic Bahrain.” No arrests were reported.

Lipid’s visit on Thursday comes a year after normalization of relations with Israel, breaking decades of Arab consensus that relations should not be without a solution to the Palestinian problem.

The United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Morocco have also established ties in connection with US broker agreements known as the Ibrahim Agreements.

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