Footballers are angry over Saif’s absence.



Pakistani star Mohammad Riaz denied the fact that the country remembers the South Asian Football Federation (SAF) Championship which started on October 1 in the Maldives.

The 2018 semi-finalist Pakistan reached the last four for the first time since 2005, after its re-branding in the championship.

For the Hangu-based striker and midfielder, the opportunity Pakistan once again missed to participate in an international event is a painful experience.

“It’s clearly bad, we’re missing another international event,” Riaz told The Express Tribune from Hangu. The SAFE Championship is like the World Cup for us, because we need to do well at least at the regional level. But now we are remembering it and there is nothing we can do about it.

I hope that this suspension from FIFA will end soon so that we can play international football.

Riaz scored for the country and lacks the sense of playing among other countries, although he said he has kept himself busy at his new club, where he has played in the Peshawar League and Chitral League. Win

“Football is doing very well, at least locally. I’m still playing, with the new team, and I put myself on the field. We had Peshawar League and then Chitral League. There is so much talent and football in Pakistan that I can’t stay without action. I remember international action, yes, but we also have a lot of local tournaments. Meanwhile, as long as we don’t play international events, we have to work with the leagues we have, it’s all a lot of fun and encouragement for me.

The 25-year-old also recently lost his job with his former departmental team, Electric, which was shut down as political turmoil within the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) ruined footballers’ opportunities and careers. have done.

He now plays for the SA Gardens team from Lahore.

He added that the recently announced private league in the country, which is headed by his former teammate and manager at KE, could be a good source of football for Zabi Khan as well as profitable.

“Any football activity is a good football activity. It’s positive, especially if there are opportunities for players to make good money and even go abroad,” said Riaz, who has just started his gym. The session was over.

The young man is passionate and positive about local talent and says he likes to play and host tournaments for his home club Hangu Union.

Asked if he has a favorite for the SAFE Championship, even though Pakistan is not playing, he said he needs to watch the first few matches to decide.

“I can’t pick a favorite, I didn’t even come on social media because it’s too much, we’re not playing,” Riaz said. This is sad and pathetic for us.

Meanwhile, SSGC midfielder and striker Saadullah Khan added that it was unfortunate that Pakistan missed out on the tournament. Earlier, the country lost the PFF in 2015 due to political issues.

“I am very sad and sad that the Saif Suzuki Cup is starting and Pakistan is not a part of this big tournament,” Saadullah said. “The last time we qualified for the semi-finals was 13 years later.”

“We miss this event and especially me because I played in the league in the Maldives in 2015 and 2017. There are a lot of fans and friends. Sadly, tyrants are playing with the future of the players. “They have completely destroyed Pakistan football and the players will suffer the most in the coming era. The time is not far when you will see players in every province driving rickshaws. Truly Pakistan national football team.” I miss the event very much as a player of

NC deadline.

Fighting between officials has banned FIFA twice, most recently in April as a result of the Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah group, which came to power through elections on the orders of the Supreme Court. FIFA did not recognize him, so he forcibly took over PFF headquarters on March 27 from a FIFA-appointed normalization committee (NC), which has made several extensions since his appointment in September 2019.

The NC was given another three-month extension by FIFA on Saturday, December 31, when the deadline expired on September 30.

The NC was planning to make Pakistan the national team for both men and women in international competitions this year, however, the suspension is still in place and no progress has been made despite the involvement of the government of Pakistan through Dr. Fehmida Mirza. Is.

Three times before 2018, Pakistan reached the semi-finals of the SAFE Championship. The years were 2005, 2003 and 1997. Pakistan also hosted the inaugural edition in 1993 and the event was then known as the 1993 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Gold Cup.

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