Nono is not bothered by criticism.



Tottenham Hotspur manager Nono Esprito Santo dismissed criticism amid his team’s lack of form and vowed to change his fortunes ahead of Sunday’s Premier League home game.

Nono, who replaced Jose Moreno as manager this season, came under scrutiny after suffering three consecutive league defeats to Tottenham and conceded nine goals during the run.

He topped the table in August but is now 11th. “Criticism is something we as professionals must be prepared for,” Nono said when asked if it was the most difficult period of his career.

“I understand criticism, but it’s not my focus. My focus is on team preparation, finding solutions to help the players.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been very critical, I’ve been praised a lot and nothing has changed.

Tottenham beat Slovenia’s Manu NS Mora 5-1 in the Europa Conference League on Thursday to ease some pressure on Nono and the Portuguese manager hopes the win will boost his morale as he changes his form in the league. Are striving for

“It (victory) doesn’t solve all our problems, but with the confidence we have, with a good mood, with good recovery, it’s easy,” he said.

Tottenham have nine points, one less than Villa, who are eighth in the table.

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