Chelsea boss Tachel urged Warner to keep improving.



Thomas Tachel warned Timo Werner that he should improve after the Chelsea striker’s first Premier League goal since April as he helped lead to a 3-1 win over 10-man Southampton on Saturday.

Werner saved Chelsea from a disappointing end to a difficult week when he saved a six-minute full-time net at Stamford Bridge.

Tachel’s side were held to a 1-1 draw by James Ward Prose’s second-half penalty after canceling Trevo Chloba’s opening opener.

Warden Pross was left for 14 minutes when a dirty trick was left between Georginho and Chelsea before Werner lost to Cesar Azpilicueta’s cross.

Ben Chelwell’s last-minute goal wrapped up points as Chelsea moved to the top of the Premier League, two points ahead of second-placed Liverpool, who host Manchester City on Sunday.

“We’re all relieved, he and I and the whole club. Whenever he scores we realize there’s a VAR decision to get away from it, very tight decisions,” said Tachel.

It was a much-needed victory for Chelsea after successive defeats against City and Juventus.

After a disturbing first season at Chelsea, it was a rare and exciting moment for Werner, the relief of which was evident as he celebrated the occasion after scoring a goal and then smiled and joked with the fans during the pitch side interview. What

The former RB Leap Zig star has been forced to play a second fiddle to sign Chelsea club record Romelu Lukaku since the start of the season, leading to rumors that Tachel may agree to offload him. Is.

For a player who has scored a remarkable 16 goals since joining Chelsea, Werner will surely benefit from the shock of confidence that will follow his second club goal of the season.

But Blues boss Tachel has no plans to rest after the 25-year-old Herox won the match.

“It was a very important goal for us to secure the victory,” he added.

“We are happy and relieved that he scored. He has to move on and improve a lot of things.”

Tochel was rewarded for making five changes to the team that lost 1-0 to Juventus on the day of the transfer.

Chloba, Chalwell and Robin Loftus Gaul all added energy and enthusiasm to the Chelsea team that has looked stagnant in their last two games.

“They can help us because they have that kind of positive spirit and they don’t feel pressured. Of course we lost the last two games and we felt we were missing something,” said Tachel.

Kai Hawartz and Hakeem Zia were two victims of Tochel and the manager admitted that both players suffered from a lack of form.

“We always try our best to get the players in the best shape, but after a while we have to admit that Kai and Hakeem are not in their best moments,” said Tachel.

“It’s not their fault either. They’ve lost a little bit of confidence. We’re not going to let them grow, we’re not angry with them and there are no big concerns.

“But we have to focus on the original form and we need to win the games. In a club like Chelsea, you need to be fast every few days and fight for your place.”

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