We didn’t deserve to win, Artita says Arsenal fired again.



Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said his team did not deserve to win after a toothless attack after a 0-0 draw with Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday, but Spain found some relief from a solid defensive performance. What

After last week’s thrilling 3-1 win over bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal were brought back to the ground with a blow as Graham Potter’s team impressed them with the occasional free-flowing football.

Brighton made a total of 21 attempts, but only two of them were on target as Arsenal defended hard, and although Pierre-Emerick Obamayang hit a post with a header in the first half, his possession in possession Blunt performance is a concern.

“(Header) Maybe there was just an open situation in the first half, and we were unlucky that he didn’t score. I don’t think we deserve to win the game, we have to draw with today’s performance and improve.” “Artita told the BBC.

The Gunners improved after the break and spelled a reasonable 10 minutes into the game, but they also looked lost as they tried to create their own chances.

“We didn’t make the right decisions, every time there was a fight where we could escape the pressure and attack in the open. We came short and we had to improve against that structure,” Artita said.

His defenders did well to maintain Brighton’s fluid, intelligent attacking football, and although they came under pressure on the set pieces, they often entered blocks or shot their hosts from a distance. Used to force

“We have conceded a goal in the last five games, which is really positive,” Artita said.

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