Frankfurt beat Naglasman Bayern’s first.



Julian Naglesman suffered his first defeat as Bayern Munich coach on Sunday when Eintracht Frankfurt snatched a 2-1 victory from Philip Costak with a late winner.

Caustic took a short shot to Manuel Neuer seven minutes later to give Frankfurt their first win in more than two decades in Munich and condemn Byron to their first defeat of the season.

“It always hurts to lose, but it hurts a little more because it could have been avoided,” Naglasman told the DAZN broadcaster.

“We were punished today for not taking our chances.”

Byron recorded 20 of Frankfurt’s five shots, but failed to take advantage of the dominant performance as he suffered his first league home defeat since 2019.

The slip leveled them at points with their next opponent, Beer Leverkusen, who beat Armenia Baileyfield 3-0 in late Sunday’s game to move up to second place in the table.

The Costa winners eased the pressure on new coach Oliver Glasner and gave Frankfurt their first league win of the season.

“It was the first time I had won in Munich as a coach, and you won’t forget your first time,” joked Glasner.

“We’ve been chasing this win for some time and we have a lot of opportunities. The fact is that we’ve made it even sweeter against Bayern,” added Frankfurt captain Hunteriger.

Leon Gortzka gave Bayern a solid lead after the first half hour, with Robert Lewandowski’s smart jump to the low end.

But the hosts hesitated a few minutes later, as Martin Hunteriger sent a roaring header to Newer on a corner to level the score.

Lewandowski regained the lead shortly before the hour mark, but Frankfurt keeper Kevin Tropp refused to save the Polish star’s spectacular reflex at the Point Reblakes range.

It was the first string from the trap to the second half stop, whose bravery kept Frankfurt in the game before the Caustic winner sealed Byron’s fortunes.

The defeat means that Bayern are now top only on goal difference when Leverkusen have won comfortably against Baileyfield.

The win lifted Leverkusen to second place and tied the points table with Bayern, when the two teams will face each other after the international break.

Musa Diaby started scoring one in the first half, before Baileyfield’s Patrick Weimer rejected a backhand equalizer offside via VAR.

Patrick Schick doubled the visitors’ lead a few minutes later, and finished third after the break to take the game out of reach.

Carom Demerbe added salt to the wound with a late penalty as Leverkusen celebrated their fifth win of the season.

Elsewhere, Nigerian striker Taiwo Oweni scored twice against his old club as Union Berlin beat Mains 2-1 and continued their good start to the season.

Avoni hit twice in four minutes in the second half to give the high-flying Union its first win of the season and move up to seventh on the table.

Union borrower Marcus Ingertson also scored against his former team-mates to give the Mains the lead before halftime, but it was the former Maines striker Aononi who gave the last laugh when the Union bounced back after the break. Taken

Nigeria leveled the score with a cool end in the counter-attack 20 minutes ahead of time, and sealed the victory with a goal just minutes later.

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