The title is AC Milan’s sole purpose: Tonali.



Sandro Tonali said on Sunday that the Serie A title was AC Milan’s only goal of the season when it helped Rossonri stay in touch with leaders Napoli in a 3-2 win over Atlanta that would highlight his Scudetti credentials. Is.

Milan topped a fiery contest two points behind Napoli, with a 2-1 win over Fiorentina being their seventh in as many games so far this season, after finishing in Bergamo and beating Atlanta. Two late rounds are going down three with 12 minutes to go.

And DAZN asked if he remembers Milan winning the league in 2003-04, the last time they had 19 points in their first seven games, the 21-year-old said: “No, I was really young then.”

But then he added: “We don’t talk about these things but this (league title) is the only goal that Milan has this season.”

After listening to Tonali await his interview, Milan coach Stefano Pauli praised the midfielder’s positive attitude as he was happy with his team’s victory.

“We played very well with intensity, energy and quality. It’s a great end to a difficult set of fixtures and the team is improving in both Serie A and the Champions League,” said Pauli.

There are indications that the three-way title race is two points behind third-placed Inter Milan, while Roma are fourth with 15 points after a 2-0 victory over Ampoli on Sunday.

Tonali was one of Milan’s best performers at the Juventus Stadium and captain David Calabria took the lead with just 28 seconds on the clock, giving goalkeeper Mike Magnan the maximum advantage of catching Atlanta. Delivered when he doubled Milan’s lead with his second goal of the season from half time.

Milan put a lid on Atlanta and should have increased their lead through Alexis Salimakar before Rafael Liu scored the third goal in the 78th minute.

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