Italy, Spain play in the semi-finals of the Open Nations League



Italy and Spain will face each other again in the semi-finals on Wednesday when they take to the field in San Cerro for the final four opener of the Nations League, a replay of their epic Euro 2020 semi-final.

Spain lost in the semi-finals of the European Championship in July as Azouri won on penalties and won the tournament, starting an unforgettable summer of play for Italy.

Roberto Mancini’s Italy have a world record of 37 unbeaten matches and a squad is full of players who performed brilliantly in the Euro final against England at Wembley.

Spain coach Luis Enrique said after announcing his squad on Thursday: “We will face a great Italy team: they deservedly beat England in the Euro final and they have their long unbeaten run. Continued. “

“But as our psychologists say, defeat comes to every team. And that means they’re close to losing, that time is approaching.”

“Spain was the team we fought hardest against during Euro 2020,” admitted Mancini.

“They are a good team with good players. It will be a good match,” he told

The only face different from the Euro crowd should have been midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini, who scored the sixth goal of the season in all competitions on Sunday.

However, injuries during and over the weekend’s Serie A fixtures mean that Juventus striker Moises Kian, AC Milan defender David Calabria and Inter Milan’s young Federico DeMarco have been drafted at the last minute.

The trio have replaced Italy’s usual starting center-forward Cerro Amobile and Atlanta’s Rafael Toloi and Matteo Pacina, respectively.

This is the first call for Demarco and comes from the man who made his Inter Milan debut in 2014 for the 23-year-old, where he has impressed so far this season.

After leaving AC Milan on a free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain this summer, Mitch Gianluigi will also see Donaruma return to San Cerro.

Asked if there could be an uproar from Milan fans who left a bad taste in supporters’ mouths, Donarma said: “It would be a pity if that happened.

“I always gave my all for Milan and I hope the topic can be put aside,” he added.

Luis Enrique also had injury problems, with club matches getting thicker and faster between last month’s international break and the Final Four.

Teenage thriller Pedri will miss the second time in less than a month after being injured, as well as losing the young squad that exceeded Euro expectations.

Pedri was one of the best performers in the tournament, giving Giorgione, Marco Verratti and Niccolo Barella a famous Italian midfielder a hard time in their thrilling semi-finals.

Tottenham’s Brian Gill has also been brought in after Marcos Lorente injured his thigh during Atletico Madrid’s 2-0 win over Barca over the weekend, while the Catalan giants’ 17-year-old midfielder Gavi has only four La Liga. Was selected despite. Appearing in his name

Despite the painful defeat at Wembley, former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique praised him, and he continued his charming aggression before promising to be a capable opener in the final four.

“We could have beaten them but we didn’t, we are two teams with the same philosophy and we hope to play another interesting match,” he said.

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