Radukano will spend his time looking for a new coach.


Indian Wells:

British star Emma Radukano plans to take her time before hiring a new coach as she returns to her first tournament after winning the US Open at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

The 18-year-old, who stunned the world of tennis at the US Open after becoming the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam title, parted ways with coach Andrew Richardson after a victory in New York.

Radukano will be backed by former professional Jeremy Bates at this week’s ATP / WTA Indian Wells tournament in the California desert, but he is still looking for a permanent coach.

Bates, the former British No. 1, head of women’s tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, the British governing body for the sport.

“Jeremy is part of women’s tennis at the LTA and he can help me when he’s here,” Radukano said Tuesday.

“But going forward, I will just try to find the right person. I will not rush into anything. I want to make sure I make the right decision.”

Radukano believes that for now, he will go far beyond his ability to coach during matches.

“I’m very confident,” he said. “I know, even though I’m very young, I’ve had a lot of banking experience.

“I’m just looking for common things in a coach – someone you meet well and someone who can push you.”

Radukano’s life has changed since his victory at the US Open, which introduced the young man to the public eye as a newcomer to British tennis.

However, the teenager says that she is not letting fame go to her head, and does not intend to change her attitude towards tournaments.

“I really don’t want to change anything,” he said on Tuesday.

“If I just put extra thoughts in my mind, it will only create a problem. I will just continue my business and stay that way.

“I didn’t really go out when I got home. I was just at home with my family. I got some nice invitations, kind messages and kind words. I didn’t get too caught up in it.”

Radukano, meanwhile, is excited to be part of a new generation of young female tennis players, including her opponent in the US Open final, Canada’s Leila Fernandez and fellow teenager Coco Goff.

“We are all pushing each other,” he said. “When you see one of the other players doing well, you are also competitive and you want to do well.

“In general, the women’s game is very strong at the moment – the level is very high and anyone can win in any tournament. Hopefully we can play each other in many upcoming tournaments.”

Radukano has received a wild card entry in Indian Wells and will be bid farewell in the second round directly Friday, and will be prepared for a possible third round meeting with his ideal Simona Halep in the third round.

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