The Chilean nations want more glory in the league.



Veteran Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini says he is enjoying every moment of his career, after such a long wait to win an international trophy, on the horizon in this week’s UEFA Nations League Final Four tournament. This is the second shot of glory.

After becoming a regular in Italy’s defense in 2007, Chileni exploded on the international scene too late to be part of the team’s World Cup win last year before scoring a century.

An international title in Italy’s 17-year career was painful at Wembley three months ago as Azouri won his second European Championship title by beating England on penalties.

Now, with the club’s team-mate and fellow veteran defender Leonardo Bonucci, Chileni has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of this long-awaited victory that will take place in Milan, Italy, in the final four semi-final on Wednesday, with the second winner this week. Will be.

“I’m very happy with my job, I’m enjoying every moment of my career,” Cellini told a news conference on Tuesday.

“And I’m really enjoying every moment of my footballing old age, much more than in previous years, even when I was necessarily in the final stages of all competitions.

“We’ll see how far it can go and I like to be with young people who really give me a big lift.”

Italy are unbeaten in world record 37 matches under coach Roberto Mancini, which has put them in a strong position to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar by the end of next year.

The tournament could come too late for Chileni, provided he turns 38 at the time, with injuries affecting the timing of playing for Juventus over the past few seasons.

But continuing that desire and appearing in Qatar is out of the question, especially after enjoying international success.

He added: “I didn’t necessarily think I had won anything at European level before this summer, but of course I’ve got a real boost in terms of energy and a lift in the last few months, it’s incredible. Is.” .

“It’s hard to put into words, and from the outside it’s not easy. He (winning the Euro) has given me a real motivation to continue the game and get a chance to be really involved in all these matches. It has given me a new lease of life. “

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