Rosh promises to knock out Wilder.


Las Vegas:

Angry Tyson Fury vowed to knock out Donte Wilder when the two rivals face off for the third time in Las Vegas with the British WBC heavyweight title.

Undefeated Fury (30-0-1), who competed in a draw with Wilder (42-1-1) in 2018 before taking the ballot from the US 20 months ago, was aggressive at Wednesday’s press conference, repeatedly ex. Keep beating the champion.

“You’re a weak man and you’re being knocked out,” said Fury, wearing a colorful suit with a WBC belt pattern at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

“Your legacy will be smashed. It’s torn to pieces. It’s over,” he added, especially near the end of the event, during the heat and ahead, which led organizers to come up with a plan for the cameras. Canceled front call.

Anger was particularly troubled by Wilder’s claim that the “Gypsy King” had cheated on his last meeting by illegally tampering with his gloves before stopping the seventh round.

Saturday’s fight was scheduled for July 24 before Fury’s positive Covedition 19 Test was postponed.

Rosh received a baby girl about two months ago but had to be placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit. She said she spent two weeks with him before coming home.

“I knew that if I got out of the way, things would get better and I could focus on the fight,” he said. “Daddy has to do his job right now. That’s all.” he said.

Wilder, playing in a blood-red suit with the word “eye for an eye” written in Russian, appeared more calm, saying he had “nothing to lose and nothing to gain” in battle. That’s all. “

“I’m in a great place, I’m in a good mood,” Wilder said. “There is nothing to prove at all.

Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott said the two were working to expand the knockout artist’s toolbox, while Fury’s trainer Sugar Hill Steward said his focus was on fixing the “already unusual” approach.

The winner is expected to face Oleksandr Youssef, who holds three other titles, to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Linux Lewis 21 years ago.

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