Werner is under pressure to maintain the goal scoring run.



Germany could come close to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup by beating Romania in Hamburg on Friday and put pressure on Chelsea striker Timo Werner to maintain a goal-scoring run for the national team.

The Germans have struggled to find a reliable striker since Miroslav Klose retired in 2014 after setting an all-time record of 16 goals in the World Cup final.

“You need a killer instinct in front of you,” former Germany striker Mario Gomez told AFP’s SID.

“If you don’t have a strong center forward, you have to think of another solution,” Gomez added, and that’s what (Germany’s head coach) is laughing at. “

Werner has scored just two goals in Chelsea’s eight games this season, but is a good run for Germany in all three internationals in September.

A clinically scored goal against Liechtenstein, a tape against Armenia, and a late-scoring effort against Iceland boosted Werner’s record to 19 goals in 45 international matches.

Despite this, Chelsea have a poor record of 14 goals in 60 games, having scored 159 in RB Leipzig last year against 95 clubs.

Germany is on the verge of snatching a ticket to next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

He is clear of the top four points in his qualifying group after winning his last three games under the sky, beating Liechtenstein, Armenia and Iceland by 12 goals in the process and conceding no one.

Winning over Romania in Hamburg and Northern Macedonia next Monday could advance to the World Cup against Lichtenstein and Armenia before the November final qualifiers.

Werner arrived at the German camp after scoring his first Premier League goal for Chelsea since April, winning 3-1 against Southampton and looking forward to learning more from the sky.

“For me, it’s great that Hansi Falak clearly says how you can be better, he’s always very positive, not just critical,” Werner said, giving Falak players the impression that ” He wants to work with you. “

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