When will the PFF Circus end?



Who is responsible for the shortage of players in the South Asian Football Federation (SAF) Championship in Maldives?

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is still fighting for control of its headquarters because football players are at a loss.

The normalization committee (NC) appointed by FIFA is seeking the cooperation of the government so that the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination can act as a mediator in resolving the long-running dispute that led to FIFA’s suspension in April.

While NC officials are hopeful that IPC Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza has played a positive role in trying to resolve the never-ending political tug-of-war between illegally controlled officers, Ashfaq Hussain Shah and his associates. Has paid PFF headquarters are also praising the government.

Shah was not recognized by FIFA but was elected as the president of the PFF in the elections ordered by the Supreme Court in December 2018.

He insisted that FIFA should change the constitution of the NC and hold elections as soon as possible. FIFA, meanwhile, wants the group to be outside the PFF headquarters and the NC, headed by Haroon Malik, to act as their representative in Pakistan and to hold elections at all levels.

Shah’s body has also formed a five-member committee which will further present its case before the IPC ministry.

NC member Shahid Khokhar said, “I can’t say who is to blame, but we have been suspended by FIFA so it was definitely not possible to participate in the SAFE Championship.”

“It simply came to our notice then. However, we are missing out on international events and players are not getting a chance to play in these events at all. This is unfortunate for all stakeholders.

However, the NC is even pushing for an immediate solution as its leader is out of the country. Khokhar, meanwhile, is also handling cases in the Lahore High Court against Shah and Sharik to ensure that money in PFF accounts is not used by the group that forcibly took over PFF headquarters. Taken

FIFA has given the NC a three-month extension to hold new elections and regain control of Shah’s group.

FIFA’s press statement on October 1 stated, “The FIFA Council Bureau today decided to extend the mandate of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) normalization committee, which was due to expire on September 30, 2021, December. Till 31, 2021. The Bureau noted that the Normalization Committee is monitoring the situation on the ground and has made significant progress on the judicial and governmental fronts to meet the criteria for suspension of PFF.

Currently, however, the PFF compound is under occupation and the PFF is suspended. As a result, the bureau has decided to extend the mandate of the routine committee to allow administrative and legal efforts to continue on the ground, aimed at meeting the suspension requirements of the PFF. The mandate of the normalization committee can be carried out.

The question is why the players are suffering because another year has passed and they have not participated in any international event. There seems to be no one who can answer this because no official and faction or NC wants to be held accountable for their actions or contributions, despite how they can make Pakistan football thrive. Want.

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