F1 is taking advantage of cost range and rule changes: Brown.



Formula One fans are seeing the benefits of this year’s cost limit and the new rules for 2022, said Ross Brown, the game’s managing director, in a championship fight on Tuesday.

Seven-time Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen have repeatedly bargained for the lead since March, with only six points clear after 16 of the 22 rounds scheduled.

So far, four teams and six drivers have won the race, while Worstapen has won seven and Hamilton five.

“I have no doubt in my mind that changes in the cost range and rules are having a positive effect on the proximity and intensity of the championship,” Brown said in a column on the www.formula1.com website.

“No team has the ability to put a lot of resources into the championship and try and run with it. Now the resources are limited and the teams are also focusing on next year’s headcar for which It takes a lot of time and resources.

“We still want merit. We still want to win the best team. Developing.”

Mercedes, winner of the last seven drivers and constructors championships, said in June that this year’s car development had stalled with a team focusing on big changes for next season.

The champions were 40 points behind the Red Bulls after eight races but are now 36 ahead. The کی 145 million budget cap this season will be 13 135 million in 2023.

Horner told reporters after Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix that a variety of winners have been a big feature of the season – including Alpine’s Esteban Okun and McLaren’s Daniel Ricardo. “It’s really a shame to change that for next year,” he added.

Brown disagreed, saying there were still fundamental issues to be solved for cars that were still struggling to keep up with each other. “Over the weekend, I heard some comments about whether the 2022 regulation needs to be changed, provided we are currently enjoying such a golden season,” he said.

“While the 2022 rules won’t change the situation overnight, I think they are a much better platform for improving track racing.”

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