Relations between Pakistan and US are not as good as before: Ambassador Asad Majeed


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan. Image: File.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan said on Wednesday that Islamabad and Washington may not enjoy the same close ties that they had in the past.

Speaking to Geo News, Asad Majeed said, “At the moment, the Biden administration is facing a lot of criticism in the United States, even the American media is criticizing Washington’s policy on Afghan evacuation.”

He said that Pakistan has a key role to play in Afghanistan. [after the Taliban takover]The Ambassador said that Pakistan could not enjoy such a close, cordial relationship with the United States as it used to.

“It would not be realistic to expect relations between Pakistan and the United States to return to the past,” he said.

Majeed said that Pakistan’s relations with China are strong and fraternal. He said that the United States is an important partner of Pakistan, adding that Islamabad would do its utmost to maintain a balanced approach between the two countries.

Responding to a question, the envoy said that news and analysis do not reflect policies.

“Countries make independent decisions to protect their interests,” he said. “We are protecting our interests and will continue to do so. The United States does the same,” he added.

He said that wherever the interests of Pakistan and the United States are, people will see the two countries moving forward in their relations.

Taliban occupation of Afghanistan

Relations between Pakistan and the United States appear strained after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Despite taking office earlier this year, US President Joe Biden has not yet spoken to Prime Minister Imran Khan after the withdrawal of his troops and civilians from Afghanistan.

In a recent interview with the Middle East Eye, Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about not receiving a call from the US President.

“Well, you know, it depends. That’s it. [US] A superpower, “he said.

When the interviewer told him that he found it “absolutely surprising” that the two heads of state had not yet spoken, Prime Minister Khan said:

He added: “Well, our security chiefs have spoken. Our Secretary of State is in contact with the US Secretary of State. But no, we have not spoken, but we are in contact.”

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