British MP stabbed to death


A historic photo released by the British Parliament shows Southeast West Conservative MP David Ames posing for an official portrait in the Houses of Parliament in London. AFP / File

LONDON: Conservative British lawmaker David Ames was killed during a ceremony in his home constituency of south-east England on Friday, hours after being stabbed “several times”.

This is the second death of a British politician while meeting voters since 2016.

Local police did not name Ames but said a man had been arrested “on suspicion of murder” after being stabbed in Le On.

“We are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident,” Essex police said, adding that the detainee was 25 years old and a knife had been recovered.

The force said officers first responded to “reports of a stabbing” shortly after 12:05 p.m. (1105 GMT).

British media, including Sky News and the BBC, identified the victim as a 69-year-old politician from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party.

Transport Secretary Grant Shops called Ames “a dedicated, thoughtful man and a true parliamentarian who lost his life in the service of the circles for which he worked tirelessly throughout his career.” “

Ames is the latest British MP to be attacked by voters in his weekly “surgery” constituency, usually on Fridays when Parliament is not in session.

Joe Cox, a pro-EU Labor lawmaker, was assassinated in 2016 by a right-wing extremist during the Brexit referendum.

The Cox Foundation, which was set up in his memory, tweeted that it was shocked to hear of the attack on Ames.

“We are thinking of her, her family and loved ones at this difficult time,” he added.

Cox’s widow, Brendan, described stabbing Ames as “as cowardly”.

“Attacking our elected representatives is an attack on democracy itself. There is no excuse, no justification.”

Another Labor MP, Stephen Timms, was stabbed several times during an event in 2010, but recovered from “possibly fatal injuries” and is still a Member of Parliament.

Tims said he was “terrified” of the latest attack.

In January 2000, Liberal Democrat MP Nigel Jones was wounded and killed by a formal sword-wielding man during surgery in a constituency in Cheltenham, West England.

Security concerns.

Former Conservative leader Ian Duncan Smith has expressed concern about the security threat posed by local MP “surgeons”.

He tweeted, “When you’re not in your office, and you’re in a public place … it basically means that the levels of security that you are sometimes advised to take Can’t get it. “

Since 1983, legislator Ames has announced his forthcoming surgery at Belfares Methodist Church, a small town in Leif-on-Si.

Paul Gardner, 41, a barber at One Barbers Lee On Ones, told AFP that “armed police and an ambulance” were at the scene.

There are a couple of helicopters around the area, he said.

There was no immediate comment from Johnson, who is leading a tour of senior ministers in the west of England.

But his wife, Kerry, a former Conservative head of communications, tweeted: “Absolutely devastating news about Sir David Ames.

“He was very kind and nice. A great animal lover and a true man. It’s very unfair. Thoughts are with his wife and their children.”

David Cameron, one of his Tory predecessors on Downing Street, said:

“My thoughts and prayers are with Sir David Ames and his family.”

Opposition Labor leader Kerr Sturmer called the news “terrible and deeply shocking.”

An eyewitness, identified only as Anthony, told the LBC radio station that the scene was “completely and utterly filled by police, ambulances and armed police.”

“I saw someone being taken out of the building, put in the back of a police car. Apparently he was stabbed several times.”

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