Nono doesn’t care about Ken’s lack of goals.



Tottenham Hotspur manager Nono Esprito Santo said on Friday that he was relieved of Hurricane’s goal-scoring form and supported the striker’s return to the scoreboard sooner.

Kane has not scored in the Premier League after playing six games this season, but has twice netted in the Europa Conference League. He has also been a target for England three times in World Cup qualifiers.

“It’s normal for Newcastle United before the team’s league trip on Sunday,” Nono told a news conference.

“He’s a great footballer, one of the best, and goals will come naturally.”

The Portuguese added that they would be calling for the inclusion of Cristian Romero, Devinson Sanchez and Emerson Royale and Giovanni Lou Celso in the South American World Cup qualifiers on Thursday.

“They’re traveling right now. They’ll join us tomorrow and then we’ll see … The report we have is that they finished the game well,” Nono said.

“Some of them played 90 minutes, not Devinson Sanchez, but what we’re expecting is for them to join us and then we’ll see.”

Winger Stevenberg Weigen has returned to training after recovering from an ankle injury, but Nono said he was not sure if the Dutch could play against Newcastle.

Nono added, “He joined us yesterday. He is fully integrated with the group.”

“Well trained yesterday, well trained today. No problem. So it’s about getting back to a high level of fitness, but he’s in the process.”

Spurs are eighth in the rankings with 12 points from seven matches. Newcastle, who have just won this season, are second from bottom with three points.

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