Schaefer looks at the Beijing Olympics in fear.


The American skiing star says code restrictions and unpredictable weather are current challenges.


US skiing star Mikaela Schaefer said on Friday that she was planning for the Beijing Olympics in February with some worries as she looks forward to the season starting next weekend.

“You would hope that you were going to the Olympics, it’s a great event. It’s the highlight of my career, all these things and it’s going to be great,” he said.

“And often, it’s very painful, all the time.”

Last season, Sheffield focused on technical events, slalom and giant Salem as it rebuilt after the 2019-20 season.

This season, which started on October 23 with a big slalom in Solden, Austria, she said that she also wants to try to win in speed events.

“Ideally, I’ve been running a similar schedule for years before last season, but we’ll have to see how it works,” said the 26-year-old American, who won the World Cup overall. Title from three years to 2019.

The series ended with a terrible season that ended in February 2020 with the sudden death of her father, epidemics and back injuries when she made her debut after her first campaign, 2011-12, when she was 16 years old. Lost.

Last season he won three, one in the giants and two in the slalom, to take his World Cup tally to 69, including one down and four in the Super G.

It has set its sights on a record of 86 victories, all in Salem or the giant Salem, founded between 1974 and 1989 by Swedish sculptor Steinmark.

Her successful World Championships last February at Cortina de Ampizo, where she finished on the podium in all four of her races and won jointly, could serve as a blueprint for the Beijing Olympics next February where she will continue in the slam. Can win a third gold medal. .

But, he said, his shape, his fitness and the requirements of the Olympics could force him to reconsider the plan.

He said, “I will definitely consider how to try to start this season physically and mentally, the technical events and the speed race and then also whether it will be until the Olympics. How to get there. “

“As we get closer, we have to re-evaluate where I am and how I feel.”

He said the Asian location of the Olympics and the Chinese coveted restrictions, as well as the uncertainty caused by unpredictable weather, posed a challenge.

“As soon as we hit the ground there, we will have a jet league,” he said, explaining that he had studied the games calendar.

“We’re going to run, then a day of training, then a day of running, then a day of training, then a day of running, then two days of training, then a day of running, then two days of training and then another day of running. , “he said.

“There’s not much recovery you can expect. We also know that literally everything can change, just like the weather.

“You can prepare to relax to strengthen every movement, and it can be completely tangled up mainly for reasons that are completely out of your control,” he said.

“It’s very painful to feel the pressure,” she said, adding that she had been following the Summer Games for the past year and thought the Quaid ban had made it worse.

“Look at the Tokyo Olympics and so many athletes walking from there,” he said.

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