India proposes to host NSA summit on Afghanistan, invites Pakistan


Indian Foreign Ministry Photo: File.

New Delhi: India has proposed to host a meeting of National Security Advisors (NSAs) of key stakeholders to address the humanitarian crisis and the emerging situation in Afghanistan.

According to a report published in India TodayInvitations to the meeting have been extended to key stakeholders in the region, including Russia, China and Pakistan.

New Delhi has proposed two dates for the NSA meeting – November 10 and 11.

Meanwhile, India will attend the Moscow format summit on October 20, its foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arundam Bagchi said India’s policy on Afghanistan leads to friendship with the Afghan people.

Earlier this month, Foreign Secretary Harsh V. Sharangala said India was ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and had held talks with Taliban representatives in Doha.

“We are ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and we have been constructive partners in the country’s development, investing more than 3 3 billion before the Taliban took over,” the foreign secretary said.

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