Ansou leads Barcelona to victory.



Ansoufati scored a thrilling goal on Sunday to take a penalty kick to give Valencia a 3-1 victory as Barcelona got a big week off to a winning start.

Memphis DePaye emphasized spot-kicks and Flap Coutinho, who had just arrived for Fatty, added a third to give a relaxed color to a game that Valencia had won just five minutes later.

Ansu’s pursuit of a draw with Valencia is still an indication of how important Ronald Koeman considers his participation in Wednesday’s Champions League game against Dynamo Kiev, four days after the first Clasico of the season against Real Madrid. Is coming

“We have a week at home with three big games and the first match was the most important,” Koeman said.

“There’s a mental thing when you start the game with the opening goal, but we overcame that.”

After losing their first two games to Bayern Munich and Benfica, Barca are sitting at the bottom of the group, meaning victory over Kiev is important for everyone.

Madrid, meanwhile, are just two points clear of seventh-placed Barcelona but have a game in hand and another major loss to Atletico Madrid ahead of the international break, affecting their future as Commonwealth coaches. Can put

Still with tears, he hopes, the 18-year-old, who wears the number 10 shirt that previously belonged to Lionel Messi, is now a sign of what the club is promoting as ‘Dream Ten’. , And hope for an exciting future.

It was the teen’s fourth game after being out for 11 months with a knee injury. “We try to get the tears to the maximum as soon as possible,” Coeman said.

“It was an hour we talked to the doctors, above all, don’t put too much weight on this important week.”

Sergio Aguero came on as a last-minute substitute after his Barcelona debut four months after joining Manchester City was secured.

A calf injury means a slow start for Aguero at Camp Nine, but it will be a valuable option for the 33-year-old Cowman if he can regain form and fitness in the next few weeks.

For the third time in six games, Barclays trailed within the first five minutes.

Jordi Alba was well placed to clear a corner on a nearby post but instead he leaned over the edge of the penalty area, where the goo was saved from being stopped and juiced, firing a brilliant shot into the bottom corner. Has come

Tears were the brightest spark of Barcelona. A flowing movement that started with Frankie de Jong on the bottom right ended with Anso on the bottom left, but this time he failed to finish.

In the 13th minute, he was more clinical, playing inside the depot and squashing two Valencia defenders before exploding between them. He took the ball back, looked up and whipped the ball from the left side of the area and from inside the right-hand post.

Gaya did well to prevent Sergino Dest from tapping on the previous post but his next coring challenge was too heavy, this time to stop Ansu from replacing Jordi Alba Cross.

Gaya wrapped his left foot around Ansu’s left leg and when he touched the ball, the decision stood. Depp took the rifle by chance.

In the second half, Ansou re-tested Jasper Kleisen when there were men on Barca’s left but Valencia also looked dangerous. Forced to save.

In place of Ansou, Coutinho left half an hour and Valencia advanced, as Solar’s pullback needed significant intervention from Gerard Pack.

But Barcelona took the storm by storm and as soon as Valencia made a fuss, hitting the third, Coutinho converted a close turn, before Aguero started.

Sevilla came in third after Ravi Mir scored in the second half, beating Celta Vigo 1-0.

He is ahead of Atletico Madrid by a goal difference, three points behind opening leader Real Sociedad.

Celta are 16th with seven points from their first nine matches.

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